Historically China and Chinese civilization had been far off Indian subcontinent, including modern day Pakistan. On top of that the Himalayas acted as a natural boundary between China and India.

But after the communist takeover of China, the communist party of China started capturing vast swathes of territory and became ever closer to the subcontinent.

Apart from the steps taken by Chinese, steps by the Gandhi dynasty brought China and Pakistan Together. How? Lets understand.

  1. Xinjiang province in western China was an independent nation. But in 1949, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) entered Xinjiang and captured it. India even had an consulate in Xinjiang. After PLA captured Xinjiang, India silently withdrew. Had India expressed slighted of diplomatic displeasure, then may be, China would have backed off. China geographically came closer to Pakistan after capturing Xinjiang.
  2. After Pakistan invaded Kashmir, India fired back. India was in process of liberating the entire Kashmir in next 1-2 months. BUT, Nehru declared a ceasefire. This left the Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan’s control. With China already in Ladakh, this established a direct border between China and Pakistan. Without China and Pakistan sharing a direct border, the China-Pakistan Nexus would have been non existent.
  3. During Sonia’s reign (2004-14) China established several bases in Indian Ocean Region (IOR). India did not murmur a bit. Due to so much Chinese presence in IOR, Pakistan got more confidence in cultivating friendship with China.

It is hence important to understand how the Gandhis have worked against India’s interests.

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