My friend asked me once.

How you keep yourself happy all the time?

Because I choose to be.


I choose to be happy all the time.

Among what?

Among anger, greed, resentment, pain, and sorrow.

But how you do it?

It’s simple, I just look at the brighter side of the things my day offers me.

When I wake up on Monday after a fantastic weekend I never choose to think that oh god! Monday again.

Instead, I choose to thank god to give me another day to live in this world.

When I couldn’t catch my train or bus, I don’t say that what a bad day it is! I choose to say I know you have some better things for me and again I thank him to consider my ease.

When someone dislikes me I never hate in return what I do is I thank god to give the ability to accept differences around me and pray for the person that god bless him the same calm, content, and happiness I have.

When I don’t have money. I choose to be happy because I can’t waste anymore, not like people who cry about everything they lack.

There are things you can not lack which are compassion, unconditional love, gratitude, and happiness.

Because we always have these all things in abundance.

You will also be able to see and enjoy them if you choose them.

So choose your moment wisely. You want to be happy or you want to be hateful to something or someone.

Then you will feel the love God bestows upon you every second of your life and you will find the best gifts god already has put beside you. Your family, your friends, your children, your love, your work.

They are gifts, all you need is to see them and choose to be happy for them.

Your life will be filled with the eternal joy that never lasts.

Be happy with what you have.

Because true happiness never comes from your outside world because it always comes from the inside part of you.

That is known as your heart.

And you should be grateful that it is still pumping, that you are still alive. You can still change your life if you have not found your happiness yet, you gotta discover it.

But how can you do so?

Where you can find it?

You have to work on your inner health. You have to work on your feelings, your emotions, your reflections, and your actions.

The control of your life should be completely in your hands.

Tell me one thing how is it possible for people to antagonize you if you don’t allow yourself to be so. 

If someone has a different perception of you or your actions then what is there to hate him for.

Let people behave with you how they think they should. If you believe in yourself then hold your head high and ignore all the negative things coming to you.

But it does not mean you should be tolerating these things because the choice is always in your hands. Either be with the people you love or love the people you are with.

Best of luck!

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