Who are Liberals? If you can oppose a nation, abuse a Government, ridicule local culture and oppose established tradition, you are potentially worthy to be called a dedicated Liberals.

Can you celebrate the killings of soldiers? Can you call the Military a rapist? Can you call your forces a murder?  If yes, you are liberal of highest commitment.  

Look at the context of India. Liberals are invisible standing behind every Naxal, anti-India and especially anti Hindu propaganda. Selectively choosing to be the side that suits its agenda to oppose the establishment.

Countless movie in Bollywood were made to ridicule Hindu Tradition and practices, but not a single one to expose the ills like Halala, triple Talaq polygamy or Child Marriage.  And yet you win Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and other national awards. If your Photographs tease and taunt Hindu belief, you may get a Pulitzer award. And if you can devour sneering at the Hindu festival, you may get a Magsaysay award.   Because you are Hindu basher and so Liberal.

Madrasa and Missionaries can teach their faith. Teaching of their religious scripture is fine. But the moment you demand Bhagwat Gita or Ramayan lessons in School and college, you are demeaned and ridiculed.  Yes they are liberal you are not.

Yunani medical science is acceptable but Ayurveda and yoga is unacceptable. Yog cannot be taught in School and college.  Because Yunani makes you liberal and Yoga makes you communal.

As long as missionaries lure and convert Tribal Hindu into Christian fold, it is freedom of religion, but if Hindu raise their voice for Ghar wapsi, it becomes communal. Because propagandists and missionaries are liberal.

Saving the life of a Dog and cat is a sign of value and pity, but demanding a ban on cow slaughter makes you fanatics. Nature worship and worship of cattle has been an integral part of Hindu belief. But liberal will demonize you for your tradition.

No right for Kashmiri Hindu. They can wander unheard. No punishment for their rapist and killer. No right to property to Kashmiri Hindu. Judiciary also rejected the petition for hearing. But the Judiciary is salivating to listen to the plight of the Rohingya. Because there are liberals standing behind them.

While there are 4 cr cases pending in the judicial system with no accountability, yet court gets open mid night at 2 PM for a hearing of a convicted terrorist. Because the voices of Liberals support terrorists not the ordinary masses.

India i.e Bharat is a sovereign land of Hindu Culture.  And Hindu belief and Values are here to stay and guide. Time has come to expose the hypocrisy of anti-India forces who have overstayed ridiculing and demonizing Hindu Value System. Pack up and leave this nation.

Countless majestic voices like Panini, Kautilya, Arybhata, Ramanujam, Sushruta Kalidass, Thiruvalluvar, Tulsidas have made Bharat not the others.   

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