Tanishq does it again.  They have learned nothing from the past episode of the anti-Hindu pregnancy Ad.  Now they are after the Hindus again, negating the celebration of Diwali. 

The women used in this new anti-Hindu, anti-Diwali ad themselves are fringe.  They are seen conveying a non-mainstream idea about how firecrackers should not be burned.  This is akin to saying that Christians should not celebrate Christmas, not put up a Christmas tree or not buy presents.  Tanishq should also made ads about not buying and slaughtering bakra-bakris, cows and camels during Eid for slaughter as the waste and methane produced is bad for the environment.  The women in the anti-Hindu Ad are dressed questionably and on almost has her right boob popping out of her “blouse.”  This is supposed to show modernity in Hindu thought. 

Tanishq is going through an identity crisis.  While their mullah heads dream about Arabian hoors they use fake or faux woke (also known as FWoke) “feminist” actors to deliver their 7th century message.  Minus the oppressive head-to-toe hijabs. 

#BoycottTanishq clearly does not care to make profits this Diwali season.  Hindus should clearly help them commit this business suicide.  Pulling the Ad at this point makes no difference whatsoever.  Tanishq’s reputation is in the gutter.  Hopefully for good.

Buy Local; Buy Hindu.  Avoid FWoke at all cost.

Jai Shri Ram.

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