Imagining the personality of President of the largest democracy and the oldest civilization and then imagining Yashwant Sinha siting on that position can haunt anyone. Presidential candidate of Opposition on Wednesday while interacting with opposition lawmakers of Assam, Yashwant Sinha said that if he is elected, he will ensure that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not implemented in the country. Hindu girls are being raped in Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh on a daily basis only due to their faith but still for Yashwant Sinha

Yashwant Sinha said “Citizenship is a major issue for Assam, and the government wanted to bring in the Act across the country but has not been able to do so yet. Earlier, the government gave the excuse of COVID, but even now they have not been able to implement it because it is an Act foolishly drafted in a hurry. This presidential election is of special significance as it is a fight to save Constitution. I am in Rashtrapati Bhavan, I will ensure that CAA is not implemented,”. He further added “Agencies like the ED, CBI, Income Tax department and even the governor’s offices are being used to target opposition leaders, to engineer defections and topple opposition-run state governments. The ruling party has embarked on an evil design to communally polarise India’s multi-faith society, and its agenda of one nation, one party, one ruler is meant to convert democratic India into an imitator of Communist China.” He also spoke of his competitor in the Presidential elections Draupadi Murmu. He said “People do not know what she stands for. I have great personal regard for Droupadi Murmu, but this election is not about persons and their identities but about their commitment to Constitution,”

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