Before the police revealed the name of the shooter who indiscriminately fired at shoppers inside a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado which claimed 10 innocent lives, including a police officer, the leftist media and so-called “liberals” tried to jump to conclusions that the shooter was a “racist” white man perpetrating a hate crime. But as soon as the Colorado police revealed the name of the mass-murderer as Ahmad Al Allwi Alissa, the whole cabal started justifying and explaining away the brutal massacre in a predictable disgusting manner.

If one goes by the left dominated mainstream media reports in the US, the reportage tries to create sympathy for the mass-murderer, Ahmad Alissa by trying to suggest that he may have been suffering from mental illness due to being bullied in school for being a Muslim.

The reports give sob stories, could be even concocted ones, quoting Ahmad Alissa’s brother that his Muslim name was made fun of by bullies in High School and that may have made him “anti-social”.

Notably, as per reports, Ahmad Alissa’s family migrated from Syria in 2002 and have been living in Colorado since 2014. Pertinently, in 2018, he was reportedly found guilty of third-degree assault and was sentenced to one year probation and 48 hours of community service.

It is noteworthy that mass shootings are quite common in America with an incident of mass shooting occurring in Atlanta just a week before. The media which is generally very vocal against recurring mass shooting incidents in America, has now suddenly started being apologists to the terrorizing mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado just because the identity of the perpetrator of the abominable crime is a Muslim and a Syrian immigrant.

The media is on an overdrive to set a narrative and paint the mass murderer as a “victim of Islamophobia” and mental illness, thereby literally justifying and rationalising the cold blooded indiscriminate massacre at Colorado by Ahmad Alissa.

Notably, the controversial Islamist jihad supporter Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar who likes to herself make ‘racist’ comments against white Christians and infamous for being bigoted against Hindus and Jews, ironically tweeted stating, “The shooters race or ethnicity seems front and center when they aren’t white. Otherwise, it’s just a mentally ill young man.”

It is pertinent to note that Omar had earlier made outrageously flippant comments about 9/11 terror attacks which raised a lot of outrage in the social media.

Also, Omar’s comments and avid support to Islamist terrorists and secessionists of Kashmir is well known.

Omar is reportedly alleged to have married her own brother and was accused to be involved in an immigration fraud scheme.

Another Hinduphobic Fascist leftist personality, Meena Harris, who is more active these days in social media by trying to exploit her closeness to US President Kamala Harris went on a tweeting spree making conclusions that the Colorado shooter as a “white man” and declaring violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to the US. This is in lines with how the leftist Fascist declare arbitrarily nationalist Hindu organisations and RSS men as the greatest terrorists of India, by completely sweeping under the carpet real danger of Islamist jihadi terrorism in India.

Well, Meena Harris then deleted this tweet of hers blaming “white men” for the indiscriminate massacre by Ahmad Al Alwi Alissi

Pertinently, the police are still investigating the matter and the real motive of the indiscriminate mass murder of innocent men and women is yet not revealed by the police.

But the whole episode exposed the leftist-Islamist compact and concerted Fascist false narrative building which intellectualises, rationalises and justifies criminal and / or terrorist acts by organised Islamist jihadis and even lone wolf hunters. It is as though only Muslims and Islamists have a right to life, liberty, freedom of expression and freedom of religion the rest of the world are sub-humans with no basic right to life leave alone right to freedom of religion or freedom of expression.

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