Pro-Hindu political party Indu Makkal Katchi Chief, Arjun Sampath lambasted the media’s anti-Hindu biased reportage of choosing to outrage in sexual abuse cases in Hindu institutions and going all silent over sexual abuse cases in Christian institutions.

A video of Sampath’s unsparing grilling of the media went viral in the social media. The said press conference is reported to have taken place on June 25th . He dared the media saying, “If you have the courage try questioning Loyola College or other Christian institutions over sexual abuse case the same way you run campaigns against Hindu institutions.”

He questioned the media’s hypocrisy over covering sexual abuse cases by saying, “While you campaigned for days together in front of PSBB (Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan) school with live coverage on TV, but did not dare to do the same in front of Joseph Academy or Loyola College.” He asked them whether the bias was because they studied from the said Christian institutions or are associated with them in some way.

Sampath also questioned why media is silent over complaints of several sexual abuse cases in Joseph Academy or over the gross sexual harassment cases of lecturer Josephine Jeyashanti and of Mary Rajashekaran at the Loyola College. Both Josephine and Mary Rajashekaran have led lone individual battles against their high placed tormentors at Loyola College for more than a decade. The prestigious Loyola college, instead of taking action against the sexual predators, sacked the victim women from the college in gross violation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention and Prohibition) Act.

He called out the discriminatory practice of the media to be very vigorously active in murders by police of non-Hindus and go very lukewarm or silent over murders of Hindus. He thundered, “Why is Murugasen’s murder (by policemen) not vigorously taken up by the media like Jayraj & Bennix murder (custodial murder) case. Why has there not been any outrage by celebrities over Murugasen’s murder?”

Sampath also questioned the DMK government’s decision to drop cases of violence, stone pelting and arson against Church promoted protestors during the anti-Sterlite, anti-Kudankulam nuclear power plant protests.

Sampath’s roasting of the media and sending some home truths was loved by thousands of netizens who have called out their blatant biases against Hindus and Hindu institutions.

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