The Apex Courts want to play the enviable game of ‘I want to have the cake & eat it too’! The Courts and the so-called human rights activists think PM Modi is Ganga Maa to wash away the sins of people and save them from the pandemic while they happily encourage and host Super Spreader motivated protests and run fake campaigns against the Covid-19 vaccines.

The Madras and Delhi High Courts very grandly, according to a Hindu report, holds Central government under PM Modi for the second wave of Covid pandemic causing a heavy toll of casualties and rampant spread of the infection in the country.

These very apex courts and the Supreme Court, have been insisting that the Central government should not order the motivated protests gathering thousands of people on the streets for months together from December 2020 onwards illegal.

These super spreader events by professional protest organisers, or Andolanjivis as coined by the PM, like Rakesh Tikait, Yogendra Yadav, Harsh Mander, Prtashant Bhushan, Maoists, Khalistani ideologues along with their political and media partners are hailed by the Courts as custodians of democracy and ‘honest dissenters’ who talk ‘truth to power’.

Not just that, the courts also do not want government to block these same forces from spreading fake news against vaccinations against the pandemic in social media posts by again calling it ‘ legitimate dissent’ and ‘genuine criticism’.

While the central government under PM Modi, has taken several steps to augment Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) supply in the country and even allocated dedicated funds for augmenting the capacities under PM Cares Fund.

While State governments run by opposition like Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, etc. continue to host huge super spreader agitations under the garb of farmer protests or allowing free run to Islamists collect in lakhs raising murderous slogans against Yati Narasinghananad and Waseem Rizvi even as we speak today.

Although, PM Modi’s government is moving heaven and earth to meet the present crisis and has been also consistently making efforts to augment supply of LMO and Remdesivir in the country.

It is a fact that no country can provide LMO and Remdesivir or hospital beds for all its citizens, who insist on being careless and indulge in reckless gatherings without a care in the world and expect the Central Government to save them from dying due to infection of their own making!

So, the courts should look within themselves and stop playing into the hands of partisan politics and global ‘wokeness’ by encouraging utter lawlessness and then expect the Central Government to clear the mess of its own doings!

This article has steered clear from quoting quantitative data of the various steps taken by the central government to tackle Covid pandemic as it wants to focus on the irresponsible attitude of so-called humanitarians and their proponents in the judiciary responsible for the present mess.

The Juciiary and the Andolanjivis should be ready to bear out their Karma as Covid is a leveller which does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, leave alone PM Modi even Ganga Maa would not be able to save people committing deliberate sins.

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