The Muslim majority Malappuram district in Kerala is mirroring jihadi Islamic zone like Kashmir, furthering the demands for a separate Islamic state to be carved out of Kerala to now demanding that only Muslim candidates can be allowed to contest from the Ponnani Assembly constituency in Malappuram district.

The Muslims in Ponnani, Malappuram demand Muslim candidate in Muslim majority constituency of Ponnani and vociferously protested against CPM’s Hindu candidate, P Nandakumar.

The CPM had announced In the Muslim-majority constituency of Ponnani, P Nandakumar as its candidate for the forthcoming assembly elections. P Nandakumar is a State Committee member and CITU national secretary.

The main reason for the CPM candidate’s rejection by Muslims of the area in Ponnani was that he was Hindu. CPM’s Muslim party members are demanding his candidature be cancelled and demand TM Siddique as the party’s candidature for the Muslim-majority-constituency.

Huge protests marches were taken out from Chandhapadi to Ponnani with banners and raising slogan ‘Party corrects the leaders and people correct the party’ attributing the quote to Vladimir Lenin.

The CPM district leadership tried to dismiss the protests by claiming the protestors were not leaders or members of the party. The party also stated, “The party will study the reason for the protest and find out the details of the organisers of the protest. The protesters are not leaders or members of the party,” said E N Mohandas, CPM Malappuram district secretary.

The Islamist protesters condemned the statement of the CPM district leadership which tried to disassociate them from the party. The Muslim protestors countered by saying, “The party wins the elections with the votes of the local people who may not be members or leaders of the party. So, the statement from the party that the protesters are not the party members makes no sense.”

It is a well known secret that Communists in Kerala are deeply entrenched with the Islamists. These protests are in line with the same attitude of the Islamists and the pseudo-secularists who always want only a Muslim Chief Minister for Jammu & Kashmir and try every trick to populate the state with more and more Muslims, by settling even illegal Bangladeshi Muslim and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, while keeping away Hindus from the area. funnily, such blatant fundamentalism and gross hatred for non-Muslims is promoted by national parties like Left and the Congress under the garb of secularism.

It would not be surprising if the CPM caves in to the Muslims and accedes to pull out P Nandakumar’s candidature and appoints some other Muslim candidate from Ponnani to appease the Islamists. As wherever the Muslims are in majority only Muslim representatives are accepted by the Muslim voters and Muslim party workers across all party lines and a Hindu or any other non-Muslim representative, even if the person is an appeaser, is never tolerated by Muslims.

News source: The Commune Magazine, Image sourced from The Hindu

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