A gut wrenching incident of brutal attack by thousands of Islamist jihadis on Hindu Maha-Dalits in village Majhuwa, Baisi Thana, Khapra Panchayat, Purnia district in Bihar has come to light, shocking the conscience of civilized society. Purnia district borders with Bengal and Nepal.

In fact there is a concerted effort by Islamists to settle illegal Bangladeshi and Rohigya Muslims by encroaching government lands in several areas of Bihar and this nefarious activity is more prevalent in Purnia. It is believed that on the midnight of May 19th, Hindu Maha-Dalits were attacked to evict the Hindus forcibly and settle illegal Muslims from Bangladesh and Myanmar in their place.

At midnight thousands of Islamist jihadis swooped down on Hindu Maha-Dalit houses in Majhuwa village and attacked them with dangerous weapons, sharp swords, iron rods. They poured petrol on the their houses and set them on fire, over 15 houses were totally burnt down to ashes. A Harijan named Mewalal was brutally killed by cutting him to pieces, a three year old child is missing and feared to be kidnapped by the Islamist hordes. The jihadis barged into the poor Maha-Dalit hindu homes and started attacking their families, even pregnant women were not spared.

The Islamist mob brutally attacked and very critically injured a Guard of the colony named Dinesh Rai. According to the eye witnesses of the incident, the Islamist hordes had petrol gallons with them, they poured petrol on the houses and started burning them. When people ran out of their homes to save themselves from being burnt alive, the Islamist mob dragged them and attacked with sharp weapons and swords.

The mob did not spare even women, children and the elderly all were attacked mercilessly. The Maha-Dalits are living there for over 35 years. They said that the Islamist mob was incited to kill them and drive them away from the area.

The police has not arrested the culprits yet, it seems that the local political leaders are involved in the conspiracy to oust poor and marginalised Hindus from the area to occupy their land. Only two arrests have been made so far in the case as stated by Purnia SP.

The victims say that the horde of Islamist mobs which descended and created mayhem shouted at them saying, “Our relatives cannot come and settle here because of you Dalits occupying this land, run away from here and vacate this place”.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has issued a scathing press statement against the Islamist Jihadi attack in Purnia on the Hindu Maha-Dalits. The VHP demanded security and safety for the Maha-Dalits. They also sought from the administration that the culprits be arrested and the Maha-Dalit Hindus get justice, be rehabilitated, their houses be rebuilt and should be provided with suitable monetary compensation. The VHP also noted that this attack comes right after the genocide of Hindus in Bengal, which has outraged and angered the Hindu community due to the lackadaisical attitude of state administration towards safety and security of Hindus in areas where Muslims are in majority.

It is pertinent to note that Baisi Tehsil is Muslim majority with 75% of the population being Muslims. A large number of them are illegal Bangladeshi Muslims. The local Muslims are from decades systematically settling illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, now even illegal Rohingya Muslim infiltrators are being accommodated here. According to the local Hindus, poor Dalits are being increasingly attacked in the area to hound them out and make place for Muslim Bangladeshi and Rohinya illegals.

Notably, in the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, Islamist Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM candidate, Ruknuddin Ahmad won from Baisi Assembly constituency. An AIMIM candidate has won for the first time from this area and hails from nearby Bairiya village. According to local people, after Ruknuddin Ahmad became the MLA of this area atrocities against Hindus has increased exponentially forcing many of them to flee from the area due to Islamist terror.

It is surprising that no mainstream media is covering this horrendous naked brutal attack on Maha-Dalits by Islamist jihadis in Muslim majority areas in Bihar and Bengal. The Bhim-Meem slogan given by Islamist Razakar Asaduddin Owaisi and his party is an obfuscation for a Nara-e-Takbir, Ghazwa-e-Hind goal.

The Islamist jihadists’ main goal is to befool Hindu Dalits and Tribals with Bhim-Meem slogans and create internecine caste wars within Hindu Samaj and wherever the Dalits and Dalits/Tribals are in direct conflict with Muslims, the strategy is to kill them, terrorize them and hound them out of their ancestors’ lands if they refuse to convert to Islam.

Islamists know no nationality and recognise only Muslim brotherhood, so they attack Hindus, the marginalised poor Dalits and Tribals suffer the most as they live in Bastis along with the Muslims and are more vulnerable to attack.

The Muslims in a bid to increase their population, prefer illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslim infiltrators over their own Dalit Hindu neighbours of decades if not centuries. So, whether it is Maha-Dalits of Baisi, Bihar or Kashmiri Pandits of Kashmir the story is the same and the modus operandi is the same as also the propaganda to sweep it beneath the carpet by the ‘secular’ political parties and pseudo-liberal mainstream media is the same.

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