Lion’s cub… Sambhaji Raje, the son of Chhatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj showed us what devotion to Dharma and Punya Bhumi looks like. He fought 120 wars and never lost a single war in his lifetime.

He was captured by the forces of Aurangzeb when he was in his friend’s home. Aurangzeb gave him offer to convert which in no time Sambhaji refused. After this Aurangjeb tried every means in order to convert him to Islam. Both his eyes were gouged out. He were introduced to the tortures of the worst forms. But still Sambhaji Raje never gave up Dharma. Finally he was hacked to death limb by limb. Aurangzeb was not able to make Sambhaji Maharaj bow before him in his entire lifetime.

Today is the Jayanti of Sambhaji Raje’s Jayanti, let us pray to Ma Bhawani to give us the same devotion and commitment he had for Dharma .

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