Income tax raids for the past three days have exposed the fraudulent Empire of Paul Dinakaran. On the third day of its investigation the Income Tax has raided 28 premises of the Jesus Calls and has unearthed Rs1000 crores of tax evasion.

Paul Dinakaran and his father did nothing other than fraudulently converted thousands of people to Christianity from getting foreign funds right from 1986. He and his extended family has amassed a huge empire of real estate worth thousands of crores by selling Jesus to vulnerable sections of Hindu society.

Until now no political party or government dared to touch these frauds because of the clout they enjoyed. The central government under the leadership of Narendra Modi has now taken the initiative to clean up this huge dirt pile spreading hate in the society against Hinduism.

These evangelist organisations have also been caught in providing funds and incite local people and farmers against the new Farm Laws by spreading lies against the law leading to mob violence and anarchy.

Please watch this space for further details on this fake Godman selling Jesus to the poor.

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