It has almost been more than a month and China still isn’t ready to back off from the Indian Territory which it had earlier occupied illegitimately. India is not in the favor of the idea to indulge in a full scale war and sort this matter once for all because of the ongoing Wuhan virus in the nation. Meanwhile the covid crisis, the eastern part of the nation including states of Assam and Bihar have been hit by the catastrophic floods have made it more difficult for the centre to even think of a war. Moreover the Indian government wants to move ahead on the path of deterrence.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi have always stated proudly that the huge population of India is not a weakness rather it is a great leverage for India, strengthening its position and stand at various international decisions which actually helps in negotiation levels, pressurizing the other party because of the large market economy and mass consumption of goods which India enables.

Earlier this month, the government had banned fifty nine Chinese apps including few major and immensely popular mobile applications like tiktok and camscanner under the reason of users’ data at the threat and privacy abridgment, which used to generate a huge profit from India for china based companies. The government had undertaken this action to counter the aggression of Chinese forces over the border as war is not an option. Having these applications came as a lightening thunder for Chinese leadership as they used to earn a fortune through these apps from India.

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Once again now the government had reviewed its list and yesterday came out with the decision to ban forty nine other applications which were operating from china and had their headquarters or fiscal units to emancipate the revenue growth, situated at china. The decision came as a response to china’s stand of not vacating India’s territory from finger 5 and talks held to persuade china went in vain. 

These apps were either the duplicate copies of previously banned applications or were newly launched in the Indian marked to cope up the losses and regain the technical space on the electronic devices of Indian masses. The most popular application which was a gaming app Pubg was rumored to be on the list but has not been banned yet. The conclusion as for now is that Indian government is closely watching it and planning to ban it soon as it also generate a huge profit among Indian youth.

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The opposition of our country, as always, instead of supporting the government over its stand in the national interest, rather began to criticize the move. Earlier the propaganda ran claiming the action to ban such apps as fascist government’s attempt to hamper its people to earn utilizing their talent on several platforms.

Aam Aadmi party yesterday had tweeted a fabricated and edited image of an official notice of the Bhartiya Janta Party carrying the watermark of one such banned Chinese app and accused it of using the bandit applications. BJP later rejected all the claims and tweeted the original picture of the notice clearing the air. It also mentioned that nothing more than such cheap levels of politics was expected from AAP.

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