In the midst of the India China Standoff in Galwan valley of the western sector which is still unresolved even after a series of Dialogue and negotiations both through diplomatic and military channels, on seeing the circumstances, India must relook its One china policy since it is not in the interest of India at all, China’s hostility towards India is not unprecedented and the prolonged conflict with them In Himalayas will create a lull thus giving China to buy time so that it can alter the situation of Standoff when the suitable moment for it arrives. In order to weaken China in this conflict, India should consider the proposal of forging formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, a self-governing island country present on the Periphery of China in the East Asia sea, the relation between China and Taiwan are always very antipathetic whose reason dates back to the time of Civil war in China in 1946 that occurred between People Republic of China (PRC) and Republic of China (ROC) over the reins of China, in this war, ROC suffered very badly and they fled to the Islands of East Aisa and established their control on them whereas PRC and now Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls the mainland China, World only recognizes mainland China run by CCP as the actual govt of China and no formal ties any country have with Taiwan since 1971, however as the situation of global geopolitics changes with time, many countries now have established contacts to Taiwan from the backdoors or by any non-governmental organization to counter China.

From India’s perspective, Taiwan is now strategically very important for India not only for counterbalancing china but in the technological, financial, and business aspects this partnership could prove to be very worthful in the forthcoming years, and to bolster our ties with Taiwan, India must scrap one china policy and give recognisation to Taiwan as an independent and sovereign nation which would reflect a hardened stance of India on China and gives them a clear message that we aren’t afraid of any confrontation with them, this would also provide leverage to India during talks with China and our holds and positions during the talks would be more attacking rather than defensive, for Taiwan also Support from India would be booster to them since India is a member of many influential geopolitical groups where it could raise the issues of Taiwan, India, and Taiwan both have a shared concern over the increasing Chinese influence in Asia and both are the democratic nations therefore it can be perceived as an obligatory duty on all democratic countries to shield Taiwan from the rogue state China, if India takes this strong and firm stand on Taiwan then it would definitely going to alarm China since US is already supporting Taiwan very openly, however India always refrained from having any formal relation with Taiwan as Indian leaders feels anxious that alteration of one China policy might antagonise China and that’s why in 2018 Air India relabeld its flight to Tapei as Chinese Tapei and in 2017 India called the visit by Taiwanese women MPs in India as informal, but from the past few weeks the concrete steps by India and increasing boldness suggests that Modi led India can do anything which might look surprising and shocking to China.

Taiwan is a very developed and technologically advanced nation which can be understood from the fact that it is also known as the foundry of semiconductors, many Taiwanese companies operate in mainland China and have strengthened the China’s economy also but in return, they face threat from China about Taiwan’s freedom, liberty, and sovereignty, these companies will get encouraged to come to India and generate scopes of employment in India, Taiwan is strong in hardware technology and India is very advanced in software which would be beneficial to both of them, Taiwan has a very adept system for coping with natural calamities like an earthquake which is most prevalent there, many Hindu organization like VHP have their branches in Taiwan which profess the Ideology of Hindutva and Hindu Culture, the abrogation of One China Policy will enhance the strategic cooperation between the two nations, Big giants like US and Japan have already shown their indication that Taiwan would be going to play a very crucial role in the geopolitics of Asia which is evident from recent Incidents when Many countries like US, Austraila, European nations agreed to have Taiwan as part of WHO which China opposed very intensely, Japan have also appointed its new defence minister who had close affiliations and friendly relation with Taiwan leadership in the past which mirrors that Japan would be backing Taiwan against China for furthering its interest in East Asia, Narenda Modi has also visited Taiwan when he was Chief minister of Gujarat and is aware of business potential and future significance of Taiwan as a military ally against China, in the virtual oath ceremony of new elected Taiwan president, India sends its 2 MPs to attend it and also appointed a new envoy for India Tapei Association which are good signals from India’s side ,only way to dismantle China is by forming solidarity amongst all nations on the periphery of China so as to stop China’s bullying and continuous hounding it does to its peaceful neighbours, Hope Govt will make substantive efforts against China so as to make them left red faced and completely isolated both in Asia and in the entire world.

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