Hate crimes against Hindus are on rise. It’s high time we accept the fact that Hinduphobia exists. Recently on 27th of September, Indian-American Uber Eats delivery boy named Bharatbhai Patel who is 36 years of age was attacked several times with a sharp weapon and was seriously injured. The criminal brutally stabbed him several times in the Lower East Side of New York. The accused Shaun Cooper aka Super Perp has been arrested by the police. Bharatbhai Patel stated to the New York Post that the attacker stabbed him without saying anything. Also he stated that when the attacker attacked him , none of the people present came there to help him. It is being said that 47-year-old accused Shaun Cooper is a professional criminal. He has many criminal cases registered against him.

Pointing to his wounds, Patel said, “He stabbed me at several places with a knife. At that time I was going on my bike to deliver. Maybe he needs my bike or something, but the man didn’t ask me anything. I was attacked at 3 am. During that time I saw about three people around, but they did not help me. I myself called 911 and called the police.” Patel further said the culprit was probably drunk. Apart from the attacker, there were three people who were at that place and they were drinking. There was also a woman. Quoting police, The New York Post has reported that Patel is the father of a 6-year-old son. He lives in Queens.

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