Following breakup has been calculated for the price of petrol and diesel. Kindly share in comments for any errors. Thanks.

As on February 9 2021, Cost of Crude Oil : $58.21 per bbl, 159 litres of crude oil per barrel, USD $1 = INR 73

ComponentSub-ComponentCost Value
Basic Cost of Crude Oil per litreRs 26.72
Refinery, Freight, LogisticsRs 3.84
Central Govt Excise Duty and Road CessRs 32.98
Basic Excise Duty
(58% for Centre, 42% for State)
Rs 1.40
Special Additional Excise Duty
(58% for Centre, 42% for State)
Rs 11.00
Agri Cess
(for Centre)
Rs 2.50
Road and Infrastructure Cess
(for Centre)
Rs 18.00
Dealer commissionRs 3.67
Petrol Cost before VATRs 67.21
State Govt VAT (30% for Petrol)Rs 20.16
Final PriceRs 87.37
Petrol price breakup

So, in effect, this is the money that reaches the Centre and the State.

CentreRs 27.69
Agri CessRs 2.5
Road and Infrastructure CessRs 18.00
58% of (Basic Excise duty + SAED)Rs 7.19
StateRs 25.36
42% of (Basic Excise duty + SAED)Rs 5.20
State Govt VATRs 20.16
For Centre and State

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