Progressive Left in India normally refers to a conglomeration of Banana republic parties that includes far left communists to Left leaning Indian National Congress and similar like minded parties at regional level. While communist parties along with Forward Block  inspired by Ex-Soviets and China implemented progressive reforms in certain states like Bengal, Tripura, Kerala in the past decades. Over all, India after Partition in 1947 was governed by Progressive left parties like Indian National Congress (Congress Party) and Communists for nearly 60 years.The congress party brought many progressive reforms on Hindu dominated communities while it remained appeasing to other minority religions like Muslims, Christians. The progressive reforms were imposed on a particular religion to promote equality and justice. 

The Indian constitution which came into existence in 1950 is the largest living document on the planet architect by Dr. BR Ambedkar who carefully included the rights of Hindu community apart from Minorities. The constitution of India stressed the need of Uniform Civil Code to be implemented just like Indian Penal Code. However the subsequent Progressive Governments led by Congress Party nor coalition governments led by Communists ever thought of bringing a law for Uniform Civil Code. Although article 44 of Indian constitution in its directive principle policy describes that it is the duty of the State to secure the citizens uniform civil code throughout the territory of India. However, there was no effort being made towards bringing the law that applies equally to every citizen irrespective of religion, caste and creed. 

Inability and Ineptness of the subsequent progressive governments in India for nearly 60 years have destroyed the social fabric between the communities. Unlike the vibrant democracies across the world, India has adopted personal law boards to deal with the Civil and property matters apart from marriages. Thus, the policies adopted by the founding progressives of modern India were defective in every sense. Not limited to this, but the Progressive Congress Government in 1986 led by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi,  despite the Supreme Court judgement on the famous Begum Shah Bano case, pointed out to bring a law to ban Triple Talaq (Instant Divorce practiced in Muslim community) was never brought into existence until July 2019. Millions of Muslim women were benefited with the law. The Progressive Congress Party including Communists since past decades preached equality , justice , women rights & liberty. However, those were imposed on the Hindu majority and gave an exception to the minorities. Minorities in India have become a vote bank for the Progressives since past decades ignoring the interests of Hindu community. The far left policies implemented so far have impacted education undermining the Indian astrology, Indian traditional medicine. Schools and Universities have become a hub of left propaganda with an obnoxious narrative rejecting the history of its own heritage apart from hating their own religion. While we know, there is a Endowments Act in every state which governs Hindu religion and Temples while the same was not applied to other religions in India. The Endowments Department in each state has become a revenue generator for the State Governments and the same money was/is not used for the Hindu religious development. Instead State Governments diverted the money from Hindu Temples to other religion pilgrimage tours. This is just one example of thousands of policies being enforced by the past progressive governments in 60 years and it’s time for the people to realize how progressives are selective in approach on Hindu community.

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