Just after the Uttar Pradesh administration and the Delhi Police booked fake news peddlers like Rajdeep Sardesai, Siddharth Vardarajan, infamous communist rags passing off as news portals called The Wire, The Caravan etc. for inciting riots and causing disaffection from the State by spreading lies like the police opened fire on unarmed farmer protestors, Navreet Singh due to bullets fired by the police and not due to overturning of his tractor; the fake news cabal with its political masters have activated their international counterparts to paint Indian government under PM Narendra Modi as a dictatorial government.

Independent investigator, Vijay Patel with twitter handle @vijaygajera who also exposed Diljit Dosanjh’s Khalistani connections and more than fifty shell companies through which crores of rupees were transferred for funding anti-CAA protests and the more than two-months old fake farmers’ protests, has now revealed that in a concerted and coordinated effort, after filing of sedition cases on Rajdeep Sardesai, Siddharth Vardarajan, and other leftist propagandists like Wire, Caravan etc. they have come up with a plan to save them from legal trouble by activating their international leftist friends.

They first put into motion Britain’s left leaning newspaper The Guardian. Delhi-based Hannah Ellis- Petersen, the South Asia Correspondent for The Guardian in an article titled, “Indian journalists face criminal charges over police shooting reports” on 01.02.2021, supported her Indian leftist friends who face sedition charges for spreading lies and disaffection by referring to some non-descript medical doctors in the UK to say that Navreet died of bullet injuries and not injuries suffered from the overturning of tractor.

Hannah uses her contact in the UK with a pathologist named, Dr. Basil Purdue to give his opinion on the basis of the purported video of the dead body of Navreet Singh to spread fake analysis as expert opinion that Navreet was shot by the police and not killed in the accident

All the usual suspects, like Hartosh Singh, Siddharth Vardarajan, Sagarika Ghose, Rana Ayub, Arfa Khanum etc went on a tweeting spree to spread these lies over and over again on twitter yesterday.

Notably, according to Vijay Patel, Hannah is in direct contact with jihadi minded Rana Ayub and her comrade gang of friends to bail out Indian fake news traders charged with sedition by putting international pressure on the government.

Hannah Petersen is also a Hinduphobic as can be seen by an analysis of her tweets over a period of time.

Hannah is also according to Vijay Patel on a WhatsApp Group with Rana Ayub, Barkha Dutt, Arfa Khanum, Swara Bhasker etc. So she is just a western support system for the Indian leftist-jihadi cabal in the media.

Hannah also played her part in creating anarchy and hatred against Hindus during the anti-CAA protests and she often retweeted the rants of Rana Ayub published as articles in western media.

So, the modus operandi is simple manufacture a lie and keep refering to it multiple times over from multiple propaganda portals masquerading as news portals. It would not be surprising if they repeat the same questionable testimony of the UK Pathologist even in TV channels run by this cabal to have a greater audience and spread unrest in the society.

It is therefore requested from the Home Ministry and the Ministry of External Affairs, to cancel the work visas of such malicious Hinduphobic, BJP, RSS hating poisonous elements like Hannah Ellis Petersen, intent on causing mayhem and effect a political coup eventually aiming at dismembering the nation considering their ardent support to the slogan, “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Insha Allah, Insha Allah”.

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