IT is a fact that the Gandhis are the descendants of Mughals, and have not missed any opportunity for weakening the Hindus with the sole goal of Gazwa-e-Hind.

One such important step was Hindu-Sikh rivalry. I will put my point, how the Gandhis in a systemic manner created a wedge between Hindus and Sikhs, the repercussions it had on Kashmir and the mass migration of the Kashmir Pandits.

First card: Sikhism was never a considered (by both Hindus and Sikhs) as a separate religion. Guru Nanak Dev had founded the Sikh religion as a sect to defend our motherland from barbaric Islamic invaders. And we all know the sacrifices of Guru Teg Bahadur and Guru Govind Singh. But, after Indiraji came to power, she appointed extreme left leaning Saiyid Nurul Hasan as the education minister who systematically tried to project Sikhism as a separate religion by rewriting the text books, modifying the history and creating hundreds of such narratives. This created the first rift between Hindus and Sikhs. After being successful in this, the Indiraji played the second card.

Second Card: Before 1980s, Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) started to become politically powerful in Punjab. In order to counter SAD, Indiraji (and her son Sanjayji) started propping up extremist “Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale”. Once Bhindranwale became powerful he became Anti-Hindu and started slaughtering the Hindus. This created a second wedge between Hindus and Sikhs.

Third card: After propping up Bhindranwale, she herself destroyed Bhindranwale which was her third step. In 1982 Bhindranwale and his group moved to the Golden Temple complex and made it his headquarters. Bhindranwale would establish what amounted to a “parallel government” in Punjab, settling cases and resolving disputes, while conducting his campaign. In 1983, he along with his militant cadre inhabited and fortified the Sikh shrine Akal Takht. In June 1984 Operation Blue Star was carried out by the Indian Army to remove Bhindranwale and his armed followers from the buildings of the Harmandir Sahib in the Golden Temple Complex, which resulted in an official tally of 493 combined militant and civilian casualties, including that of Bhindranwale. Even tanks were brought in to the Holy Temple. Wont a community get hurt if Tanks and Howitzers enter their holiest shrine and wreak havoc??

The point I would highlight: There was no need of Operation Blue star. If Bhindranwale was fortified inside the Temple, Indiriaji should have cut off supplies, food, electricity, water, stopped garbage collection, stopped sewage lines, phone lines. If Bhindranwale would have been subject to such seize, he would have been forced to surrender in few months. This strategy of isolating the Golden Temple was successfully carried in 1988, which was called “Operation Black Thunder”. Very little casualties were reported in the operation and most people don’t know about Operation Black Thunder.

I would hence argue that Operation Blue Star was conducted to further spoil the Hindu-Sikh relations as the Sikhs perceive the operation done be Hindus.

Fourth card: After the death of Indira Gandhi, Anti-Sikh riots were done under the direct supervision of Rajiv Gandhi and Sikhs all over country bore the burnt of the Congressmen.

When a big tree falls, the world shakes” – Rajiv Gandhi

Little do many know that Gandhis are not Hindus, they are descendants of Mughals. The Mughals failed during Aurangzeb in destroying Hinduism and now(under the leadership of Gandhis) using divide and rule tactics to achieve the goal.

Lets understand the impact of all this on Kashmir. Kashmir has a decent number of Sikh population. Terrorism is Kashmir was impossible as long as Kashmir Pandits stayed in the valley, hence the Pandits had to be evicted. Barely 7-8 years later, when the terrorists started driving out Pandits from Kashmir, Sikhs did not defend them because of the deeds of Indira and her sons. Gandhis knew very well, that as long as Hindus and Sikhs remain united in Kashmir the pandits cannot be driven out.

And after Pandits were driven out of Kashmir, it became the paradise for the Jihadists and helped propagate the interest of China and Pakistan.

It is important to know the sinister roles played by the Gandhis in demeaning Bharatavarsa.

I never consider Sikhism as a separate religion and treat Guru Nanak Dev and other Gurus as my own Gurus as well. They had played immense role in reforming the Hindu society.

It is important that all Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Christians (and even Shia muslims) come together to defeat the sole Jihadi goal of “Gazwa-e-Hind”.

The first step is understanding the true face of the Gandhis.

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