Hindu devotees were shocked to be greeted with ‘Jesus Bless Tamil Nadu’ posters on Temple walls in Chennai. This incident marks the absolute audacity of predatory evangelism in Tamil Nadu and several other southern states of India.

These posters cropped up mysteriously not only in Chennai, but in several areas across Tamil Nadu. This highly provocative act of the evangelists raised outrage and anger among Hindus and Hindu organisations in Tamil Nadu as reported by The Commune.

Christian NGOs are alleged to be behind this public mischief trying to provoke violence by imposing their religious supremacy on Hindus and Hindu places of worship.

The Indu Makkal Katch in-charge of Chennai E.C. Kannan, has given a written complaint against this despicable matter to the Chennai Police Commissioner.

The letter states, “Posters of ‘Jesus Bless Tamil Nadu’ have been pasted on temple walls in Chennai in a manner that it offends Hindus. The posters have been pasted without mentioning the makers identity and address. We request you to find and arrest persons involved in such activities”.

Indu Makkal Katchi complains to the Chennai Police Commissioner against “Jesus Bless Tamil Nadu” posters on Temple walls

The mainstream media is absolutely silent and blind to this highly provocative act by evangelist organisations which insults and offends the religious sentiments of Hindus. If the evangelists had tried to do the same mischief on mosque walls, there would have been riots, buses would have been burnt and innocent people would have been targeted for the mischief by evangelists.

India has now become a competing ground for both the predatory Abrahamic faiths to convert Hindus to Christianity or Islam. India needs to enact a central anti-conversion law outlawing all illegal fraudulent conversions to any of the predatory Abrahamic faiths. We also need stricter laws and actions on rabid evangelists and Islamist Jihadis who spread hatred against Hindus and Hinduism and convert people by all kinds of nefarious methods.


News input and image source: The Commune

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