Impact of Astronomy in the world.

“Astrology and Astronomy” were always the cradle for birth of civilizations, be it any civilizations. It always played a pivotal role in shaping the civilizations, people’s feelings about the world and their feelings. Cosmos was always fascinating with its colourful Celestial bodies and mankind had always been fascinated by the Cosmos. Once a period of time both Astrology and Astronomy were one and the same until they were separated from each other where Astronomy was accepted as Science and Astrology was disregarded as pseudoscience.

“Astronomy and Astrophysics” has contributed a lot to Science and humanity in general. An “Astronomical clock” is one of the most important and early contributions of “Astronomy”.

Above image: Astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic

An astronomical clock, horologium, or orloj is a clock with special mechanisms and dials to display astronomical information, such as the relative positions of the sun, moon, zodiacal constellations, and sometimes major planets.

Now we know how much is the importance of time in our daily lives. We depend on clock to determine the time and do our daily tasks based on the time. A clock is essentially nothing but measurement of time which is based on the Astronomical positions of different Celestial bodies like Planets, Sun and Moon. Through clock we are able to measure or determine the day and night. It is due to time, that we have a structured and disciplined way of life.

“Astronomy and Astrophysics” has benefitted us as follows, this is my own point of view and I believe that everyone believes in it.

For me, “Astronomy and Astrophysics” has taught me a lot, other than about the “Cosmos”.

Astronomy and Astrophysics” has taught me:

  1. Time management (Astronomical clock)
  2. Broad-minded thinking (the Cosmos is very vast)
  3. Discipline minded and optimistic (Cosmic ordering by Bärbel Mohr)
  4. Sense of order or uniformity (Plato’s idea of Cosmos)
  5. Concentration and patience (Astronomical observations—although I don’t have a Telescope, but I have just gazed stars for some minutes observing them simply where you require concentration and patience)
  6. Sense of purpose (our purpose in this Cosmos)

This is my view which I believe that everyone agrees with me.

People who love Astronomy have an infectious enthusiasm.

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