As we approach the 12th anniversary of the Mumbai Terror Attacks of November 26, 2008; which resulted in the death of nearly 200 innocent people from across the world, I came across an invite for a fascinating webinar that is being organized by the online media platform, Fair Observer.
The webinar titled “FO Live: Is Another 9/11 Inevitable?” is being organized on November 25th, at 11:30 AM Eastern time (US) has a interesting panel that includes media and intelligence experts from Europe and US.
What intrigued my interest in the event, is that the organizers are making an attempt to deconstruct cataclysmic terrorist attacks across continents. Starting with September 11, and covering the attacks in Mumbai, London, Madrid and Paris, this seems to be one of the rare efforts from an online media platform to go into the ‘root cause’ behind these tragic events. Or so I hope.

So I thought that I would share the details of this webinar with our audience on Kreately.

Details below:
FO Live: Is Another 9/11 Inevitable? Remembering the victims of the Twin Towers, Mumbai, London, Paris, Madrid and more


Claire Price (host of FO Live & former AFP/BBC journalist)

Glenn Carle (retired CIA officer & author)

Ishtiaq Ahmed (professor emeritus at Stockholm University & noted scholar)

Ian McCredie (former senior British foreign service official)

Atul Singh (founder, CEO & editor-in-chief of Fair Observer)

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