As per rule of Natural Justice,both parties have the right to speak and present their side of the tale and no decision can be taken without hearing both the sides.
Eventually the natural Justice requires that individuals should get fair and unbiased hearing before verdict is delivered as it can affect the life of concerned person to a great extent.

As Indian courts are already overburdened by million of disputes which is still pending. Social media trial has eased the workload of our Honorable courts, judges, and lawyers as some people are trying to give verdict on twitter itself and the story of owner of squeaks is a big example.



Nowadays, Twitter has become the new court of justice where trials and verdicts are given on the basis of exposes and mere screenshots which can be fabricated is the new tool to be used as a shred of evidence that plays a pivotal role in declaring an individual guilty or not guilty.

A US-based businessman Squeaks Founder Neel Patel recently became an integral part of the Right Wing Ecosystem on Twitter has recently been into news not because of his business aspiration but due to allegation levied by the fellow Right Wingers in his involvement of duping people for providing I phones below market and hashtags were run under iPhone Scam on Twitter for a couple of days. These allegations surfaced when he began sending iPhones to non-Left celebrities as a token of appreciation.

The allegation of a potential scam came to the social circuit on February 15, 2021, when Twitter users Nishant Singh and Abhimanyu Singh Rana came up with a series of tweets that the Owner of Squeaks Media, Neel Patel alias Hitesh Patel has been scamming people for over 15 years.

Nishant Singh uploaded a 30-minute long video on his YouTube channel and made scathing allegations and proofs he had dug up about the US-based businessman. While they alleged that the businessman had been scamming people for over 15 years putting a big question mark on the credibility of Squeaks Founder Neel Patel.

After video went out,netizens went berserk on Hitesh Patel calling him scamster and started demanding legal action on the ground of fraud alleged by duo,but nobody cared to hear Hitesh’s side of version.

He came up with a detailed video debunking all the alleged claims and he produced relevant documents proving his innocence. He regularly emphasised to prove the allegations as nothing concrete was shown in the so-called expose.

Hitesh from day 1 of this fiasco has repeatedly said that no one should trust him based on the explanation he gave, but everyone should listen to both sides and then decide who is right and who is wrong.

Neel claimed that if anyone can prove that he is wrong, he would face legal consequences.

He demands FIR against him from the allegers.

– Statement by Neel Patel

It’s been Four days since Hitesh Patel has been under the scanner and is being labelled as Fraudster/Scamster/Conman and other attriibution as well based on the video released by Mr.Nishant Singh featuring Mr.Abhimanyu Singh Rana On Nishant’s Official channel on Youtube but all the claims have been duly proven wrong by Hitesh Patel whether on delivery of Iphone or Refund part as everything have been made announced on public domain and there is no scope of doubt.

Eyebrows were also raised on the Twitter account used by Hitesh Patel that he had either hacked or purchased the verified account to build his brand image around the right-wing diaspora which later was also debunked by a another news Portal.

The developments are taken place in this case clearly give an upper hand to Hitesh Patel over the claims by Nishant and Abhimanyu. Hitesh in a recent interaction said that either they have fallen prey to some misunderstanding or they are working in a nexus to malign his image and there is a big conspiracy taking place in the name of this scam.Infact Hitesh Patel’s family members have also been dragged in this alleged scam which seems a mere conspiracy and it is a direct jibe at his personal life,in a recent video released by Hitesh,he admitted openly that because of this social media trials his personal life has also been severely affected.

One of the ex-associate of Hitesh Patel, Ms. Sunaina Holey is claimed to be behind the turmoil as her personal differences over remuneration with him have led to such outrage on social media. Hitesh has also alleged that Ms. Sunaina has deliberately created a rift among other nationalists who were in his support earlier and is solely responsible for all the ruckus created.

Now its upto the common public to decide and judge who is right and wrong in this case.

Whether people should rely on Screenshots or relevant documents,choice is completely yours.

If somebody has an issue,there is a legal procedure to be followed to be addressed in an organised way rather than opting for Social media Trials.

An important update,Squeaks media has addressed to Bank authorities on claims of Nishant that he has access of bank account.

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