On 14.01.2021 this author had written an article about a demonic Pastor of Andhra, Praveen Chakravarthy who openly boasts of kicking and breaking the revered idols of Hindu Gods in his “Christ Villages”. He boasted that he has created 700 such Christ Villages in Andhra, where every inhabitant is converted to Christianity by spreading hatred against Hinduism and Hindu Gods. For this nefarious activity he was receiving funds from donors in the US who are equally bigoted in converting entire Andhra Pradesh to Christianity. Please find below the video of the vicious Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy bragging about breaking and kicking Hindu Gods’ idols and creating 700 odd Christ Villages.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) had reported about Pastor Praveen’s nefarious activities to the Home Ministry, several FIRS were against hi filed against him and he was also reportedly arrested. The wheels of justice works in a strange manner to aid such despicable criminals and as per social media reports he was soon granted bail!

Jus as we were condemning him roaming around freely again to pursue his poisonous activities, it was reported on Friday by the Legal Rights Protection Forum through their twitter handle @lawinforce that shockingly, the HDFC bank was celebrating him as a Neighborhood Hero! Please find below the banner of HDFC hailing vicious Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy as a Neighbourhood Hero.

It is pertinent to note that there are five FIRs against this pernicious Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy in the East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Please find below the list of Criminal Cases against Praveen Chakravarthy as provided by Legal Rights Protection Forum: –

This act of HDFC is reminiscent of the venomous absconder Zakir Naik, a doctor of inciting mass murder of non-Muslims, being called a Rock Star by the controversial senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh and feted around by the Congress party. The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation headed by Sonia Gandhi even received funds from him. The so-called main stream media personalities, sold out to jihadis and ultra-leftists, like Shekhar Gupta lauded him as a modern Islamic preacher and he was invited to fests hosted by NDTV.

Zakir Naik was being hosted and feted when his venomous hate filled videos, addressing huge gatherings where he would abuse Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna openly and declare all these were fake Gods and openly exhort people to embrace Islam, were publicly available and could be seen in his toxic Peace TV. not just this, Zakir would justify Osama Bin Laden as a great Islamic Leader, he also said no Hindu temple or Churches should be built in Islamic countries as Islam does not allow it and these are places of Devil. In fact, recently after an ancient temple was demolished and burnt by a blood thirsty mob in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he endorsed the act by saying an Islamic nation has no place for idol worship and temples.

Incidentally, several young Muslims, even from well educated backgrounds whose parents are not so radicalised, got indoctrinated by seeing Zakir Naik videos and committed terror acts in Bangladesh by killing many non-Muslims in a swanky restaurant in Dhaka a few years back. His videos have also radicalised many Muslim youth in Kerala and Karnataka who later joined the ISIS. The Government of India, then after so much damage filed cases against him under UAPA.

Coming back to our venomous Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy being feted and celebrated by the HDFC instead of him being a persona non grata. Funnily, except for the Legal Rights Protection Forum, and some activists of Hindu organisations no one seems to be bothered or worried about the hate being spread by this Idol breaking and Kicking Pastor. His act of creating Christ Villages by illegally converting poor and vulnerable Hindu villagers, desecrating and abusing Hinduism brazenly is creating social tensions in Andhra.

Another pertinent question is why is such a despicable character feted by HDFC Bank, does this deadly Pastor have connections with Christian CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s well established evangelist brother-in-law Brother Anil Kumar or the evangelist organisations associated with him?

Secondly, does HDFC house many such sham accounts which receive donations from evangelist organisations for the purpose of effecting conversions of Hindus in Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India?

These are very important questions that needs to be answered by in-depth investigations by central agencies as the state authorities are hand in glove with these peddlers of hate and soul reapers.

It is hoped that the central agencies under Home Ministry takes immediate cognizance of such criminal and highly provocative activities of Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy and open and tacit supporters in his act like the HDFC.

The HDFC also needs to answer whether it endorses the views and actions of Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy on Hinduism and his desecration of Hindu Gods’ idols? If the HDFC does not come up immediately with an apology to the Hindu society at large for hurting their sentiments by celebrating pernicious toxic Pastor, Praveen Chakravarthy, then the Hindus need to sue HDFC for their actions to endorse criminals as heroes and also start boycotting HDFC bank by closing their accounts and transactions with the Bank.

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