What was the biggest effect of colonialization by the Europeans as against the invasions and rules of the Islamic hordes? Ever thought about this? To understand this one must look at one particular country and one entire continent. The country is Bharat and the continent is Africa. Both these places gave the colonisers that which they never had – riches, unlimited riches which changed their status to that of what is now known as the First World. But this one country did what all the countries of the entire continent could not do … what was that and what is the relation of this to the riots that are happening under PM Narendra Modi’s rule? Read on …

Both, Bharat and the African continent had natural resources in plenty, unending treasures buried deep in the earth, human resources in plenty and animal resources too in good measure. But there was one big difference – Bharat had full memories of Her ancient past and fair remembrance of Her knowledge systems but the countries of Africa had little memories of their knowledge systems from the time of King Solomon the Wise or the Egyptian Pharos. Secondly, the Vanra – Jaati system combination made sure that the knowledge systems were passed on to the future generations too in a fairly consistent manner, even in the absence of written records. Thirdly, our people believed in treating their land as Bhoo-Devi (Goddess) & the country as Mata (Mother). This ensured that every citizen of the country fought in one way or the other to protect their own region in the country till their last breath. And finally, we had Hindu rulers who believed in protecting Dharma, donated their entire kingdoms to their Bhagwans and Gurus and ruled as their servants, with ‘nishkaam seva bhaav’.

All of the above meant that try as they might, our invaders and colonizers were not able to get complete control over the riches of Bharatvarsha – human or natural. But in Africa, they managed to get control over the human and natural resources of that land. The healthy people were sold as slaves and sent to far off lands and the mines and forests were exploited to the hilt to make the colonisers rich. In fact this is happening till today. The indigenous population of Africa still struggle with poverty and wars, but the colonisers, even after apparently having passed on the rule to the indigenous people, are reaping the benefits of the resources shamelessly. Unfortunately this is true in every country which had been invaded or colonized, including Australia and America. Unlike all these countries, our country Bharat, still has the oldest living civilization in the world – the most ancient one, alive and kicking. We did not fully convert to either of the two Abrahamic religions which now rule the world. Nor did we become irreligious like China or other Buddhist countries which are ruled by dictators or Communism.

So for the first world countries we are an eyesore on two counts – Religion and Commerce. We Indians have gone against the tide again and again even after unending assaults on our ancient knowledge systems and our majority religion. I would like to stress here that even those kings who pledged allegiance to the invaders or the colonisers did not give away any rights (like land or forests or mines) which belonged to the future generations. They also restricted to a great extent the sale of our people as slaves who were sent off to far off lands.

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The key to controlling any country is either control of its spiritual source or its money source. The reason why we see the “bleed India with a thousand cuts” is because the hands which are pulling the strings of the puppets who are responsible for the thousand cuts, want to control either our Religion or our Commerce, with the end effect of controlling our country with all its resources. What one sees as a anti-CAA riot has nothing to do with citizenship. But it has everything to do with protecting people who follow any of the Indic faiths. What is projected as anti-farm bills protests is nothing to do with farmers but more to do with food commerce and with indigenous business empires like Ambani, Adani and others who are working successfully to control the mobile and ports revolution (business) in India and other neighbouring countries. Our Hon. PM recently spoke about the vicious campaign against Indian Tea – did you know that the costliest varieties of teas of India and the most exquisite tea gardens are still under the control of the Europeans? Our tea, our rice, our herbs, all of which are unique to India face a non-stop barrage of criticism about quality, price and efficacy only because we control majority of its growth and trade still. The day we lose our control over either the growth or the trade of our food and cash crops, we will become slaves to the foreign powers.

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The link between anti-CAA riots and anti-farm laws riots would be easy to grasp if one understands the core agenda behind CAA – it is majorly about protecting persecuted people of Indic faiths – Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists from lands next to us – Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Who protested against CAA? It was the Muslims who purposefully misunderstood the law. But using this minority to break India did not work the way the break-India forces thought it would. So they used another minority community as puppets to break India – the Sikhs. The irony is that the Sikhs were one of the heavily persecuted communities in the neighbouring Muslim countries and they come to India seeking respite. It is all about the use of Religion to destroy an ancient civilization – the only one which resisted being converted fully. It is about the use of the same people who resisted conversions for centuries to destroy the very culture they protected. It is about control via Religion.

It is also about control via Commerce. How? By showing India to be a country which has frequent riots, some powers want to restrict the influx of investments in the country and thus stall innovation and progress. They are trying every move there is to force sanctions on our country, our farm produce, our sale of perishables and durables. Unfortunately because our people behave differently from the sheep of the world, the results are not as the instigators want. With our population, it is no secret that anyone who controls our markets, both buying and selling, will be flush with funds for years to come. That is why outside powers do not want our home grown billionaires to succeed in any industry. What Jio has done today to reduce the tariffs of mobiles and internet accessibility is something that we have to be proud of. The work done by ITC, Reliance Fresh, etc. in giving best deals to both farmers and consumers, is something that other countries have not been able to achieve. Our sea ports and air ports, our roadways, etc. have been modernized by Indian companies at costs lesser than what our neighbours have paid to China and this is not a digestible fact by many. Our pharmaceutical companies have done us proud and not many would know that countries of the Africa continent prefer to buy medicines from us since a very long time now.

The repeated claim of victimhood by those who are the actual perpetrators of criminal acts is just a screen to attack the majority religion. It is about making us feel guilty because guilt is a very powerful negative emotion which drains people of their pride in themselves. This guilt was very surreptitiously was injected in us via our “modern” education system too where our glorious history was distorted and our customs, rituals and traditions faulted. The repeated blame on the present BJP Government, that they are a “suit-boot Sarkar” favouring Ambani and Adani, is to make us feel guilty of our home grown billionaires. Every country in the world loves to showcase the increasing number of billionaires in their country to show their prosperity. But India is always criticized for its billionaires and the emphasis is always on the rich-poor divide. It is then linked to some imaginary Brahminical atrocity and every educated, nationalistic intellectual is blamed for this even if the Nationalist does not belong to the Brahmin Jaati (caste).

It is a very clever game of hitting out on the edifice of Sanatan Dharma hoping that even one critical hit on the faultline will break up the entire edifice and Nation. How did we survive all these years through all the hits? How did the invaders and colonisers not manage to destroy Bharatvarsha even though they found faultlines or created them? BY HAVING SELFLESS RULERS WHO HAD THE ENTIRE “PRAJA” OR CITIZENS BACKING THAT RULER TILL DEATH. It is also because these rulers had the good sense to not just expose the traitors but also punish them severely and immediately as and when the occasion arose. It is time that our current selfless ruler, Hon. PM Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi, use the baton of law and order to discipline and punish the exposed faces behind the various riots which seek to undermine our great nation. Bharat deserves to stand strong in the face of assault on our ancient civilization and preserve our rights to our resources because they are the blessings of our ancestors and the wealth of our future generations. Jai Hind!

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