The Kerala High Court on 29th of May observed that unhealthy, unscientific and deleterious practices must be prevented even if they are done for religious purpose. The single-judge Justice VG Arun hearing the matter even highlighted the words of Dr. BR Ambedkar to indicate what a true religious practice should be.

Justice VG Arun said “As opined by none other than Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, true religious practice should be guided by reason, equality and humanistic values, rather than blind adherence to traditions. All unhealthy, unscientific and deleterious practices are to be prevented, even if it is done in the name of religion,”.

But questions are bound to pop up as the Kerala High Court tries to intervene in religious practise like animal sacrifice. Is the Indian Judiciary exceeding their boundary by commenting on Animal Sacrifice? The three questions that will come into the mind of anyone hearing the statements made by Justice VG Arun are-

1. Why is a religious practice being governed by the stick of scientific practice?
2. What authority does the supreme court and the Indian state has to regulate religious practice? Should they not maintain a safe distance from religion as they time and again flaunt their secular credentials?
3. Why is Br Ambedkar here being held as the expert of the matter? Religion and Ambedkar are parallel tracks. Ambedkar is nothing but a rabid Hindu hater and therefore why should any statement made by Ambedkar on topics like Pashubali be considered worthy enough to be clowned as a moral stick to decide the faith of Pashubali?

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