This republic day made the people of Bharat see a very ugly and unfortunate incident. A man was being arrested for waving Tricolour and shouting “Bharat Mata ki Jai” in YSR Congress ruled Andhrapradesh.

It seems hoisting Bharat’s National flag in Andhra Pradesh under the rule of YSR Congress is considered as a crime. A member of Hindu Vahini was being arrested by the Guntur Police because he was trying to unfurl the Indian National flag at the ‘Jinnah Circle’ in Guntur. This incident took the people of Bharat into the flashback when hoisting National flag wasn’t possible at Kashmir’s Lal Chowk. It was announced by the Hindu Vahini that national flag will be unfurled in the ‘Jinnah Circle’ in Guntur. Some people tried to climb the Jinnah tower and were arrested by the police. In the video that emerged, the Police is seen using force while controlling the people with the tricolour in their hands.


It is sad that still there stands a building with the name of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and more sad is that the general public is not being allowed to unfurl National Flag there and if done, the following person will be detained. Bharatiya Janata party have demanded to change the name of this tower saying that it is an insult to the country to have a building naming after Islamist Mohammad Ali Jinnah.


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