ISIS propaganda mouthpiece and magazine went on to publish the Shiva Statue in a beheaded form with its ISIS flag unfurling at the top of Bhagwan Shiva Statue. The orignal statue of Bhagawan Shiva is located at Murdeshwara in Karnataka. It gave a message “to destroy the false gods” and to unleash a war against non muslims who are kaffirs according to Islam.

It announced how innocent Hindus can be killed in lone wolf attacks. It needs to be noted that few months ago several attacks were undertaken by Islamists to target Kashmiri Hindus, Sikhs and non Kashmiris living in the valley. Several non-muslims and non Kashmiri had to leave the valley due to fear of getting killed. It brought the same situation that moved at the time of Kashmiri Pandit exodus. All those attacks were lone wolf attacks.

A particular lobby who claims themselves to be the flagbearers of secularism and human rights always go on to cower behind a lamp post when it comes to standing for innocent Hindus.

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