Muslims practice the caste system. Most people think that the Sunni-Shia divide is the biggest in-fighting in Islam. An even bigger problem is the question of purity or origin.

The Muslims around the world are aware of this horrid discrimination. Since Prophet Muhammud, a pagan, invented Islam in Saudi Arabia, the first converts and descendants are considered to be of “pure” nature. Those outside of the desert region who ended up converting later on and have no Arab blood flowing through their veins are considered to be low-class.

Asharf – Those who descended from the cults of Arabia.

Ajlaf – Those who were pagan but then converted to Islam by hook or crook or devotion.

Thus, in short, the caste system in Islam considers Muslim converts outside of Arabia – Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, as well as Muslims from Africa to be low-class, garbage, not fit enough to truly blend in with high-class Arab society.

Arabs have enjoyed this elite status for centuries and continue to do so still, fast forgetting that it is the convert Muslim labor from Asia and Africa who have helped build the nations in the Middle East. Arabs are well aware they they need Ajlaf, slave labor to keep their economies going. Yet, they don’t see Ajlafs as equals; they never will.

Caste and Racism are built into the Islamic Society

The failed Islamic Republic of Pakistan is going through identity crisis because of such reasons. There is no way they can sever ties with their Hindu past and they don’t have their own food, dress, language or even religion. This is why the failed Republic is just awaiting a civil war and implosion. When they fight, the Arab world doesn’t bother to give a damn. Ajlaf lives surely don’t matter; they are expendable. This is why no Arab country gives a hoot about the Muslims who are rotting in camps in Greece, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Saudi Ashrafs surely do not care that Bangladeshi Muslims will be wiped off the earth as Bangladesh falls into the Bay of Bengal. No Arab country has bothered to deal with the Rohingya.

For example, a dark-skinned Egyptian Arab businessman, a Muslim refugee living in stateless Palestine ghettos, as well as a poor Syrian Arab who can barely make ends meet are still upper caste than a low-class Ajlaf convert Pakistani.

The Islamic caste system is where pagans need to exploit the organic Muslim divide. It is perfectly legitimate to remind Muslim converts that the only real way to Jihad against the pagans is to first begin by eliminating their own life and praying that they will get reincarnated as Ashrafs in the deserts of Arabia.

Image: LA Times

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