Since few days, Islamist-Leftist are trying every possible way to pressurise and convince the school authorities to open their gates for the girls who don’t want to follow the dress code and who are in depth of “Sharia law”.

After numerous attempts now Islamist-Leftist have come to an extent that they have started drawing false equivalences between Hijab and Turban which are worn by the Sikh community. Islamist-Leftist are busy giving the example of Turban in order to justify the use of hijabs in school. They are trying to make a point that if “Turbans are being allowed at the school premises why not hijabs”.

But the argument made by islamist and leftist does not make sense and hold any water. Turban is considered as an integral part of a body of a Sikh. Unlike Hijab or Burqa. While wearing hijab is not necessary for the Muslim community, Turban is a compulsory attire for Sikh community . Sikhs have a constitutional right to wear it in many Indian states and even countries. Indian Armed Forces and Indian Motor Vehicle Act also specially approve it.

The religious book of Sikhs, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang 1084 says “Let living in his presence, with mind rid of impurities be your discipline. Keep the God Given body intact and with a Turban donned on your head”.

Therefore comparing and drawing false equivalences between Turbans which is compulsory attire and hijab which is optional will be like comparing “Apples with Oranges”.

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