Recently four Muslim women in Jammu were issued Fatwas and death threats for posting a video showing them dancing in front of a Dargah in Jammu. After which they were forced to issue an apology wearing Islamic attire with face veils as they feared for their lives and safety.

Four women had visited Shahdara Sharief Dargah in Rajouri district in Jammu. They danced in front of the Sufi Dargah and posted their video in the social media. Soon after the rabid Islamist fundamentalist Mullahs from Kashmir started issuing Fatwas, threatened to file FIRs against the young women and they even received death threats .

The Islamist Mullahs threatened the young women as dance and music is considered ‘haram’ or prohibited in Islam. Pertinently, the young women were dancing in front of a Dargah which is a Sufi tradition and allows dance and music, but the jihadi Islamists of Kashmir only believe in packing up women in attires like black tents called Burkha where only a slit is allowed for the eyes.

All cinema theatres were closed for 30 years in Kashmir since 1989-2019 and was re-opened only after the highly divisive Article 370 giving Jammu &Kashmir a special status was neutered by the Modi government.

Senior journalist Swati Goel Sharma tweeted about this arm twisting Jihadi imposing extreme Medieval age oppressive rules on young Muslim women of Jammu & Kashmir.

The incident also raised an outrage among the netizens in general in social media platforms, but the so-called liberal mainstream media personalities, feminists and women’s rights activists were conspicuously silent about the issue.

The same feminists and Bollywood gang of rights activists find it very kosher to make movies and music albums where female and male characters wear skimpy dresses and film semi-pornographic scenes in Hindu Temples. But a simple dance in front of Dargah raised the heckles of the Islamist jihadis and compelled the poor young women to offer their apologies.

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