After three years of the most gruesome and dastardly incident of gang-rape and murder of a minor girl in Bulundshahar, Uttar Pradesh, yesterday a Protection of children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) court has passed a death sentence on the three men responsible for the crime namely, Israel, Zulfikar and Dilshad.

This case of gang-rape and murder of a young 17 year old minor girl in a moving car in January 2018 had shocked the entire state and raised a huge outrage.

On 2nd January 2018, the three abducted the minor girl at 6p.m. while she was on her way to a tuition class on a bicycle at Bhoor Churaha in Bulundshahar. The three men, Zulfikar, Israel and Dilshad were stalking many young girls in an Alto to have some ‘mauj masti’. To satisfy their perverted sense of mauj-masti or fun, they got out of the Alto car, pounced on her and bundled her up in the car and fled. In the moving car she was raped by Israel while Dishad pinned her down and Zulfikar was driving the car. When the young girl shouted for help, she was strangled to death by her own dupatta (long scarf) by Dilshad and Israel while Zulfikar kept driving. The three then dumped her body in a sewer to destroy evidence.

The POCSO court judge held all the three men, Zulfikar, Israel and Dilshad guilty of abduction, rape and muder of the young victim girl and sentenced the three to be hanged till death for this monstrous crime.

This judgement gives a sense of closure for the victim’s parents, her mother reportedly wished to personally see the three criminals guilty of the devilish act hang to death. Although the loss of a young daughter who was loved by her parents and relatives can never be replaced, if at least justice is delivered in a timely manner without undue delay it gives a sense of closure and warns people with depraved mentality that they cannot escape the law for perpetrating dastardly crimes.

It is hoped that the ‘secular’ political and so-called human rights activist lobby which jump to protect all rapists, murderers and terrorists from a particular community under a warped logic of ‘minority rights’ do not try to derail the punishment awarded to these demonic criminals.


News input and image source: Opindia



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