Jesus Christ – fictional or real might have been a realized being.  However, the Christian Missionaries are low level snakes who are hell bent on converting everyone as they believe that pagans and Hindus and Buddhists and Jews will go to hell if they don’t embrace the psychopath “God.”

Why am I writing about Jesus being a psychopath?  Because it is written about in Christian Today publication.  A psychopath is someone who has psychotic traits.  According to a top psychologist at the University of Oxford – Dr. Kevin Dutton, Jesus, among others, were ranked according to the psychopathic traits they exhibit.  Dr. Dutton was associated with the department of Experimental Psychology and has ranked global leaders according to the traits.  This includes Emperor Nero, Hitler, Idi Amin, Ted Bundy, Hannibal Lector, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the Gujarati, Garba-loving Jesus. 

Dr. Dutton describes the following traits:
Social influence; psychopaths tend to have a following and be able to persuade people to their cause. This is something Jesus tried to do.

Fearlessness; psychopaths don’t seem to be afraid of what others would see as dangerous ventures. Jesus was not afraid of preaching his new philosophy; nor was he afraid of being nailed to the cross.

Stress immunity; psychopaths appear to be able to ride traumas with ease.  Jesus surely did not protest even when his fate was sealed.  Supposedly he was alive after being nailed to the cross though he seems to have some type of a resolve to handle this trauma.

Cold heartedness; many psychopaths such as Hitler and Idi Amin appeared to show now care for peoples’ suffering.  Many politicians fall under this umbrella, though I am not sure how Jesus fits this category.

Machiavellian egocentricity; often psychopaths are completely dedicated to their goals, irrespective of others’ concerns.  Jesus was surely dedicated to his goal of preaching Christian thought.

Blame externalization; rarely do psychopaths blame themselves for problems.  Jesus’ famous for forgiving others and claiming that they know not what they do.  He does not fit this category.

Lack of planning; psychopaths have a tendency to not think of the consequences.  Jesus surely did not think through his safety.  Or perhaps he did and was okay with being punished for it.

Rebellion or non-conformity; going against the system is a trait psychopaths exhibit.  The religious leaders of the time would certainly have viewed Jesus in this way.

Missionaries are running wild in India, including the state of Gujarat.  The Jesus folks lure in Hindus by pretending to take interest in the festivals, rituals, bhajans and Navaratri.  Once the demon missionaries sink their teeth into the Hindus, the process of full conversion to Christianity begins.  Watch out for Jesus worshiping missionaries who are ready to harvest your atma via garba!  I hope Mata Ji and Shaktitva defeats and devours them effortlessly.  Jesus would approve.


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