TTatas are the conglomerates. They have a great product portfolio. They have been there before the independence and till now. We have purchased, used, and appreciated the excellent quality product and services of Tatas.

The recent advertisement of love jihad themed around Diwali is getting paid endorsements. They have paid for ad creation. They have taken all the time, meetings, and efforts to get that advertisement created. Then, after all the checks and balances, they have released the ad.

Tatas have another product line of tea. For that also they have got two advertisements created. In those two advertisements also they followed the same jihadi agenda of denigrating the Hindu community and endorsing the pretentious tolerance of Mullahs. There also they would have paid the money to get the ad created. They would have taken all their time, effort, and creativity to launch those two advertisements. They would have paid extensive money to the television channels to run those two jihadi ads as well.

After the recent backlash, they pulled down the love jihad ad, doing all the damage. Now, despite all the reports of the losses in the market cap, they are running sort of a PR campaign on social media for the same love jihad ad. And Instead of an apology, they have again tried to disparage Hindus in the official statement.

So the question arises why Tatas are paying all the money, spending time and efforts, and incurring losses to promote the jihadi agenda of vilifying Hindus and praising intolerant Mullahs. We guess jihad must be their new product launch. The call is all yours.

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