Yes, it may be pretty disappointing to say, but the answer is clear, no. No, Narendra Modi will not rise like Emmanuel Macron of France, who has put the locks on the terror spreading Islamic mosques. He has started the process of identifying radical Islamists in the country. Soon, Macron may put the Islamic terrorists in the concentration camps.

So, why Narendra Modi will not rise like Emmanuel Macron is the question one may be bothered to the deeps of their hearts right now. The answer is the pressure from anti-national forces gathered in the country over the past 70-years of Congress party rule. He and the past BJP prime ministers who have won the top leadership positions at the name of Hindutva are forced to surrender in front of Mullahs in the name of secularism.

Somehow, the environment is built in such a manner around the prime ministers of BJP that even when they would have been staunch Hindutva leader, they were morphed into the agenda of pro-Islamic secularism. When Modi hasn’t condemned the Delhi and Banglore riots, when he has kept mum on the pandemic of love jihad and jihad in India, we should not expect Narendra Modi to rise like Emmanuel Macron of France against the radical Islamic forces of the country.

At the bare minimum, he has failed to warn even the media houses who safeguard the interests of Islamic terror outfits by spreading the plain lies in the country. Therefore, we must forget that he may bring a law against the love jihad cases. Delhi riots were the consequences of his silence, and the jihadi media peddled the pro-jihadi lies across the country. Then a local Delhi BJP leader, Mr. Kapil Mishra, stood up and fought against the jihadi media houses and the massacre done by jihadists. 

Now the final question comes, will Hindus rise like the public of France? The answer is again a clear, no. There is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi often told in social media that Hindus are cowards, and Muslims are barbaric. Hindus haven’t come together to fight for the killings of Kamlesh Tiwari, Ankit Sharma, Rahul Rajpoot, Shushant, etc., then will coward Hindus rise for the #justicefornikita is highly doubtful. They believe in contractual work that I have given the contract to Modi; now, he should fight for Hindu rights and justice. 

So, when Hindus can’t come together and choke the roads and cities for justice, the only option left on each case is “rote jao, rote jao”. 

Come on, Hindus, don’t wait for any Modi and RSS. Rise on your own or become a Historical country like Faras.

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