I was at my workplace, and the news of CAA and NRC bills being passed in both the houses started spreading on the internet. I was shocked that my Mullah and Xian friends also joined the campaign against CAA and NRC even when they weren’t concerned about political issues. This was all when everything was made clear in both the houses of parliament about the doubts of the so-called minority classes.

Then what? Jihadists launched a full-fledged offensive campaign everywhere, using social media as a catalyst. I had never imagined that jihadists have such a massive social media army sweeping all the social media portals with anti CAA and NRC posts. Some of the posts were coming even from our neighboring terrorist country called Pakistan. 

The trends against the CAA and NRC continued days and nights till one day, I have seen Delhi riots trending on twitter and happening on the ground. They have used social media to amass the support for anti CAA and NRC campaigns. They have collected the videos even from prestigious colleges and universities of the country to spread the misinformation as a tool to influence the opinions of even ordinary citizens.

More than 50-people died in the Delhi riots of 2020. The home minister of India, Mr. Amit Shah, has recognized this and told in the parliament that he would work on tracing all the fake twitter accounts and posts on social media to punish the guilty of spreading fear and misinformation. The recent charge sheet filed by the Delhi police on riots has also recognized the same.

Now, the conclusion is that even a small crack down on jihadi miscreants sweeps the social media portals in support of the jihadist guilty. The jihadi invasion across the country is undoubtedly evident. However, the social media support for them when found guilty mums even the most logical argument given by ordinary citizens.

Jihadists flood the social media portals from time to time to spread their agenda. They abuse. They post fake images. They comment on misinformation. They dislike the videos of prime minister, police, and military. Sometimes the same jihadists come on the ground taking leads from social media and burn thanas, threatening people of metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

And the same trend is very much evident across the world, where Sweden riots are one of such examples. Then they make a queue in front of a temple again to hide their sins by rioting on social media with ordinary people, who are speaking against their evil deeds. Yes, we must recognize that social media riots by Jihasits are a reality. They are happening; one can see any day in the trends, comments, posts, likes, dislikes, articles, videos, and short videos of various social media portals. 

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