Yet again the Islamo-Fascist Jihadist terrorists have killed a Kashmiri Pandit for daring to become a people’s representative in a practically exclusive Muslim Kashmir Valley. BJP leader and a municipal councillor was shot dead on Wednesday evening by terrorists in Tral area of Pulwama district in South Kashmir.

He was visiting his friend at Tral Payeen. His friend’s daughter was also critically wounded in the attack and admitted at Pulwama hospital according to media reports. The terrorists took him down very easily as he visited his native village without security. The J&K police said that he was accorded two PSOs and given a secure accommodation in Srinagar according to reports.

Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul in his tweet put out statements by Lashkar-e-Toiba front claiming responsibility for killing Rakesh Pandita.

Strangely the Islamo-Facsist Jihadi organisation which carried out the cold blooded murder, calls itself a People’s Anti Fascist Front and puts out a statement claiming, “If the Hindutva thugs believe that their evil designs can take roots in Kashmir then it is a delusion of great magnitude. We have an eye on every activity of theirs and we will deal with them appropriately.”

Not only this the Jihadi organisation, also tries to defame the councillor for drug trafficking and immoral activities. While the truth is Pakistan and Islamist terrorists have spread drug addiction all over South Kashmir with a majority of children and youths addicted to drugs. The Muslim youth and children addicted to psychotic drugs are fed with jihad theories, made to hate Hinduism and idol worship and brainwashed to kill Hindus. High in addiction and jihad with schools and economic avenues destroyed by Islamist terrorists, they do the bidding of their Jihadi masters in Pakistan to kill and terrorize any nationalist Hindu who dares to live in Kashmir wearing his religion proudly on his sleeve.

The Islamo-Fascist state of Pakistan and its jihadi terrorist puppets are rattled over the neutering of Article 370, 35A of the Constitution of India and the abolition of exclusive Constitution of Kashmir.

They are miffed that the central government led by BJP has started issuing domiciles to Hindus in J&K who have been living for decades and have been denied residentship certificates as the discriminatory state policy aided by Art 370 helped Muslims from Pakistan to become J&K residents in India but banned Hindus from outside J&K to settle down in J&K, get government jobs and buy property there.

Dear so-called liberals, like Swara Bhaskar, we are yet to see your placards condemning your Pakistani and Kashmiri Islamo-Fascist friends.

By the way Hindutva is nothing but Hinduness, and if Hindus were truly Fascists, Islam would have been wiped out in the 7th Century itself even as the cult with toxic ideology to kill all Kafirs (non-Muslims) came into existence.

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