Jawaharlal Nehru University. A university, always in headlines for the most contentious issues. A university, which is India’s one of the top most boon for the field of education has made the nation to regret over it. People, along with the national government and media are repentant over it, despite the fact that it has produced India’s highly intellectual personas since it’s foundation has been laid.
What has gone wrong?

Earlier this year, in January, Jawaharlal Nehru University had witnessed a violent scuffle on the grounds of campus among two groups of students which started as a mere skirmish and later took a form of an intense and brutal tussle. A campus of a government education institute where around 8000 students reside, carrying with them the blind faith of their parents and guardians had to witness the aggressive brawl, which had left many students severely injured.

Teachers carry the responsibility to create a better society as humans and credible citizens for a nation. But what teachers of JNU possess and preach is just the communist Leftist ideology. The same philosophies that had destroyed huge economies and killed millions of people due to its principles. The teachers framing young Minds of our countries are obsessed with sn ideology rather than thr knowledge and are feeding their students this way.

Unfortunately, their obsession for an ideology and a certain political way, has even made them averse to the idea of nationalism. Because nationalism requires collective efforts of all the citizens, and these people thrive on creating divisions, gaps and cracks among certain sections of society, they’re apathetic towards the idea of nationality and nationalism. Due to which, they have openly came forward as proud subverts and Anti-establishment.

The fault lies, only and only with the teaching staff and administration who’re clutched under the claws of communism and socialism. Anyone considering something else other than what they believe is morally corrupt. They take a weird pride in their unseen quest of eliminating despairs of the society, under the name of which what they commit is pure sedition and hate mongerin,g, nothing else.

When a normal scholar or a studious student steps inside the campus, he/she is carrying various dreams to learn, attain and succeed. But when that particular student leaves the campus, he/she becomes the revolutionary comrade, totally against their faith, their state machinery, their parents who rose them up and their democratically elected government.

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