The Indian judiciary has been for the past few decades applying the law of the land in a very skewed manner, where their personal belief system and ideologies have coloured their decision to grant justice. The judiciary like the Nehruvian established political and academic system in the country, has always been skewed in favour of leftists whose stated stated ideology is to use democracy to trample democracy and Islamist fundamentalism.

The Supreme Court considers that outlawing a despicable practice of polygamy, unilateral Talak and Halala practiced by Muslims according to their medieval age Sharia law as kosher in this modern age under the garb of minority rights.

While the same judiciary forcibly broke the tradition at Sabarimala, to impose entry of women in menstrual age group in the revered temple under the garb of implementing the fundamental right to equality in the Constitution.

It is another issue that the judiciary is too obdurate and Macaulised to understand the science behind disallowing menstruating women in Sabarimala temple, as they only follow what the westerners tell them as science, before Covid-19 the Indian practice of not greeting people by shaking hands or kissing on the cheeks was looked down upon, despite the hygienic reasons behind it.

ASJ Dharmendra Rana buys the story of Disha Ravi stating through her lawyer that she collaborated with a well known and brazen Khalistani, Mo Dhaliwal and his NGO, Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) as right to protest includes right to garner international support and lay siege on Embassies protest against the new farm laws.

Buying the same theory, crores of Hindus whose religious sentiments were hurt due to the Sabarimala verdict of the Supreme Court, what if a one-tenth of them in an organised fashion squat in front of the Supreme Court or the residences of the Judges under protest till the judgement is not revoked by the judiciary?

Now, even to suggest the aforementioned protest form a person might be jailed for Contempt of Court. But it is quite all right for the judiciary if the ultra leftist Naxals, Maoists, jihadists and the Khalistanis want to tear this country asunder and hold the country to ransom under the garb of freedom of speech and as “conscience keepers of democracy”, which the judiciary wants us to believe.

The Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana, termed the veritable Riot “Tool Kit” edited and shared by Disha Ravi, a so-called climate activist “innocuous” while granting her bail and claimed that the “sedition” charge cannot be applied in her case. To buttress this, the ASJ states, “The perusal of the said “Toolkit” reveals that any call for any kind of violence is conspicuously absent”.

The ASJ states this despite the clear mentioning within the Tool Kit itself of manufacturing Tweet Storms in the build up to intense protest on January 26, Republic Day.

The ASJ is so ill-informed that he stated no Indian Embassy was attacked in pursuant to the Indian Tool Kit editors and their Khalistani collaborators. Indian embassy in Rome was vandalized in Rome, a similar attempt to attack Indian Embassy in the UK was also made by Khalistanis in the run up to the Republic Day as reported in the media.

The ASJ’s reasoning is that the Tool Kit “did not call for creating public disorder or disturbance of peace by resort to violence”. The very fact that the Tool Kit spread lies and canards about the new Farm laws as means to rob the farmers of their land and place it in the hands of industrialists, Adani and Ambani is enough to cause deep sense of apprehension among people.

The Tool Kit also gave links to several dubious websites filled with Khalistani content, one of them,, openly made baseless provocative claims that the Indian government was committing genocide of farmers and minorities in India. But according to the woke judiciary, this Riot “Tool Kit” does not incite violence nor it only is a conscience call and wounded the vanity of the government!

A few months back Sudarshan News had brought out a series of news programs called UPSC Jihad based on an in-depth investigation on how the Islamic fundamentalism tainted Zakat Foundation had a deep hand in selection and coaching of students for clearing the Civil Services.

Sudarshan News report gave a detailed report on Zakat Foundations’ links to terrorist master minds like Zakir Naik and UN sanctioned organisations like Islamic Foundation, linked to Taliban and Al-Qaeda; Madina Trust which was involved in attack on Indian High commission in London in September 2019 etc.

Sudarshan News also based its planned nine part programme on UPSC Jihad on its study which clearly showed an unfair and undue advantage given to Muslim candidates in Civil Service examinations through the various scholarship schemes awarding Rs.1lakh to only Muslim candidates desirous of cracking the UPSC exam.

Sudarshan News was not aiming to target ‘all Muslims’ as his detractors and even the Supreme Court alleged, but the prime purpose was to put forth a serious concern of extremist Islamist Jihadis making their way to Civil Service Exams through organisations like Zakat Foundation and also aided by the advantages given by the Indian state to Muslim candidates.

As Civil Services is the backbone of administration set up in India, Sudarshan News aimed at the danger posed by infiltration of Islamic jihadis in administration given their stated hatred for Hindus, intent to Islamise India by hook or crook and tearing the country apart in several pieces.

The judiciary, at the highest level, the High Court and Supreme Court, silenced free press and stopped airing of the Sudarshan News series, claiming it was spreading hate against all Muslims!

Sudarshan News’ program exposing UPSC Jihad was silenced by the judiciary while Disha Ravi and her Khalistani friends’ Riot “Tool Kit” is innocuous for the Indian judiciary! Perhaps many in the judiciary are either afraid to give verdicts against the cabal of global and desi Leftist-jihadi-Khalistani-Christian missionaries or are co-opted because the logic they give for their judgements and orders is an insult to logic and common sense.

Strange are the ways of justice and freedom of speech, freedom of press interpreted in India, it is always against Hindus, Hindu activists and favours any Tom Dick and Harry who wants to abuse Hindus, Hinduism and wants to tear this country apart either in the name of jihad or Khalistan or Class wars of ultra-leftists!

The Indian Judiciary in practice has changed its motto from the Sanatani ideal of true justice “Yatho Dharma Tatho Jayaha” to the Abrahamic style which fascinates it, “We are no longer under law but under grace”!

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