We all are living in a world which is very fast. Its really very easy to get things today compared to some older days. Our affordability has increased, purchase power has increased and so access to easy life has increased. Every EASY thing comes with some dangerous thing which is hidden. Discipline is the first thing that misses out then. What happens then? Well this is a very simple question which comes to our mind BUT the answer can be scary. I will just take one example of easy life here JUNK FOOD.

Sharing with all here a real life case what a junk food can do. A young man in 20s , a bright student,  coming from an affluent family. As he was from affluent family it was a wrong thinking that to look rich you have to be dependent on Junk food.  Junk food including cold drinks was a part of life. Those who are fan of easy life would think now what’s the harm. This is where the harm is. This bright young man got CANCER at 21. Yes you read correct CANCER because of eating too much of Junk Food.  Family had lots of money so they went for best of the hospital. Chemotherapy was done. He was all right for sometime but then he got gangrene in one of his leg. No option was left, had to be amputed.  I just cant imagine what his parents must be going though.

This was not the end, even after his leg got amputed, he still wasn’t cured of cancer. He left all of us in mere 18 months right from being diagnosed with cancer till his last. He was nephew of one of our best friend.

My only concern here is why people want to look rich, who should be blamed here, parents or Junk food.          

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