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Hindu society has build a habbit of Co-opting Hindu Haters who go deep down enough to even commit blasphemy against our Dharma and Devi Devtas. Be it Br Ambedkar or EVR or Jyotirao Phule or Savitribai Phule, we give these Hindu Haters the highest position our society has.

Since it’s that time of the year when Phule couple are being glorified, let’s bring out some snippets from English translation of Jotirao Phule’s (JP) work “Gulamgiri [original in Marathi, written in 1873]”. The English translation is done by Education Dept, Govt of Maharashtra. Let’s start-

1. Right from the Dedication to this book, JP considers the Indian social organization of castes in India with “Negro slavery”.


2. Book starts out by calling Brahmins (specifically using “Bhat” surname) as alien tyrants who came to India and subdued the natives.


3. According to JP, Hindu religious texts are spurious and have deprived the so-called natives from knowledge. Here’s the conundrum: If Hindu religious texts are spurious how’ll depriving others of it be harmful? OTOH, if they’re not spurious, it’s natural to follow them.

4. He even goes on to say that condition of downtrodden in India is worse than Black slaves in America! Keen observer knows what is the situation of Black society in US. While in India, the social engineering being pushed by vicious forces is breaking our social fabric day by day.

5. JP goes on to make outrageous claim that Kshatriyas were natives of this land and Parashurama, the chief executive authority of Brahmanas started persecuting them! Thinking carefully, he’s similar to the sepoys of today who regurgitate similar obnoxious stories about Hinduism.

6. A classic example of building a cock-and-bull story right from imagination. See the emotionally dramatic narrative building to show Brahmins as evil and inhuman community. Can we not accuse JP of dehumanizing Brahmins the same way he accuses Brahmins to have done against Shudras?

7. While he says Brahmins came thousands of years ago to India, if it was not for British (who came perhaps a hundred year ago), Brahmins would have supposedly crushed the Shudras! If Brahmins were capable of & intended to do such things, didn’t they have ample time earlier?

8. According to JP, Brahmins created the elaborate system of castes throughout India and segregated the native people into different groups and created dissensions among them.Sounds a lot like how British wanted to rule India TBH.

9. See the levels of third-rate blasphemous narrations against Hinduism he speaks– The way he is speaking ill against Hindu creation story can be asked against any other religions be it Christianity, Islam, etc.

10. Such descriptions of Hindu God Brahma are allowed to be published using public money in this republic of India! Most shameful for any self-respecting Hindu!

11. Creation stories of any religion can be mocked with similar mundane logic. This is plain hatred against Hinduism in straight display, but today’s Hindus are adulating this Phule couple being blinded by modern short-sighted Hindu leaders.

12. Now you know where such jibes against Hindu God Lord Brahma comes from.. Hindus must ask these questions to those who glorify Phule, if they also endorse these views.

13. Truly vile jibes against Varaha Avatara of Shriman Narayana!! According to JP, mother of Varaha Avatara must be a pig!

14. Simultaneous reading of disgusting cusses against Narasimha Avatara comparing with a “third-rate concubine”, while praising Christian missionaries, gives an idea of JP’s intentions.

15. He next goes on to propagate the story of Bali being a native Raja. Today we see such stories being pushed in mainstream discourse during Onam festival. While continuing mocking tone against Hindu mythological stories.

16. Aesop’s fables are better than Bhagavata according to JP. Enough said..

17. So JP has adulations for Christian British Raj while Brahmins teaching patriotism are teaching wrong things to Indians.

18. He also has problems with Shudras developing sense of patriotism and respect for Hinduism.

19. Now he is getting straight to point, equating Baliraja to Jesus Christ, and Buddha defeating machinations of “evil” Brahmins.

20. Thanks to Christian missionaries not Shudras are saved from inhuman Brahmanical Hinduism… Jotirao Phule — one who is glorified to no end by many so-called Hindu protector orgs and their leaders.

21. JP doesn’t like Brahmins (naming Kulkarnis) who are supposedly criticizing the religious of Christ and spread hatred against British government! Easy to surmise Phule to be agent of British and Christians, and rank hater of Hinduism.

Credit – @rAma_jAmadagnya


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