Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut attacked lashed out at Mahesh Bhatt stating that he was not Mahesh but Aslam. Recently, she uploaded an old video of Mahesh Bhatt in which he was seen speaking flawless Urdu and casually inciting community members just like a normal Islamic cleric. Kangana Ranaut insisted on Mahesh Bhatt’s real identity asking him “why to hide such a wonderful name?”

She stated that the filmmaker’s choice to hide his “lovely name,” in Kangana’s opinion, is also troubling. As a result of his “conversion,” she asserted, Mahesh ought to use his real name and not represent a “particular faith.”

In a Sunday series of Instagram Stories posts, Kangana reportedly shared a video of Mahesh Bhatt with the caption “Mahesh Ji is “casually and poetically instigating people for violence.” She shared a different clip and wrote, “I’ve heard that Mahesh Bhatt’s real name is Aslam… In order to wed Soni Razdan, his second wife, he converted. Why keep a wonderful name hidden?

She added,  “He must use his real name, not represent a certain religion when he has converted…”

Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was born to a Gujarati Muslim mother and Brahmin Father. Mahesh Bhatt married Kiran Bhatt in his 20s. The couple had two children, Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt. The couple parted ways during the days when Mahesh Bhatt had been involved with Parveen Babi, but they didn’t officially divorce.

After that, he met British citizen Soni Razdan. Mahesh Bhatt wanted to marry for the second time but without divorcing his first wife. So he chose an innovative way that could help him to keep two wives- conversion to Islam. Mahesh Bhatt converted to Islam with Soni Razdan in order to marry her. Mahesh became Aslam and Soni became Sakina.

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Mahesh Bhatt has been in the headlines for his bizarre remark about his daughter Pooja Bhatt stating that if she would not have been his daughter then he could have married her. The viral Stardust magazine photoshoot is one of the indicators of the ambitions of Mahesh Bhatt that he pursued throughout his direction which had several preys including Ria Chakraborty and Jiah khan.

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