Today afternoon Kapil Mishra and Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga visited house of Rahul Rajput who was beaten to death due to his love relationship with a Muslim girl.

Kapil Mishra and Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga promised family members of Rahul Rajput that they will take responsibility of all the studies of his sister as well as they will pay the installments of car (cab) of father of Rahul Rajput. Kapil Mishra requested and said that house of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is only 10 minutes far from house of Rahul Rajput , he should come forward to help family of Rajput. He said that he will request by writing letter to Arvind Kejriwal to visit Rahul Rajput Family and provide them at least one crore Rupees and govt job to any one member of family without discrimination the same way Arvind Kejriwal helped other victims in some cases of Jamia.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga was also seen emotional on video after visiting family of Rahul Rajput. He said Delhi CM should come to meet family of Rajput. he should not discriminate victims on the basis of religion and caste. He even said Victim is Victim , Victim has no religion, no caste , Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal should be equal and unbiased to sufferers.

Rahul Rajput, 18 year old Hindu boy was beaten to death allegedly over his love relationship with a Muslim girl

Rahul Rajput , 18 years old was beaten to death allegedly over his love relationship with a Muslim girl on Wednesday evening in Adarsh Nagar following which two people, including her brother, were arrested and three others apprehended..

A young boy is murdered because he dared to love someone from a different religious community and we are expected to believe there are no communal motivations involved. the way he is beaten to death is so Harsh , barbaric which could not be digested easily . The Hindu Young boy lost his life because he loved girl without any conditions and limits but he was murdered by family members of Muslim girls. Family members of Rahul Rajput, who was beaten to death in northwest Delhi, claimed on Saturday that a woman was present at the spot and even tried to save him. On Thursday, the Muslim Girl (21) left her family and moved to a shelter home on her own after the incident.

Recalling the incident, the deceased’s uncle Raju Nagar said, “When we reached the spot, we saw Rahul was being beaten up. The woman was also at the spot. We didn’t know who these men were and why they were beating him up. In fact, it was the muslim girl who identified the accused persons and also told police about them. She even tried to stop the fight and save Rahul.

 A case was registered under section 302 (Murder) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code .

Rahul Rajput’s mother Renuka said her son was good in studies and wanted to become an IAS officer. During the lockdown, he said he wanted to teach kids. So he started teaching students privately at home. I was not even at home when the incident took place. My son knew the woman and they used to speak to each other. But I never knew that something like this would happen with my son,” she said. A second-year student in Delhi University’s School of Open Learning, Rahul was also passionate about paintings, the family said.

“Rahul was talented and quite passionate about painting”. He was so good at it that he could make a portrait in 10 minutes said deceased ‘s uncle.

questions here Raised here : Would Rahul Rajput have been murdered if he was not a Hindu?

Would he have been murdered if his girlfriend was not a Muslim? Would he have been murdered if his killers did not believe it was scripturally forbidden for a Muslim woman to love and marry someone from a different religious community? The answer is clearly no. If the murderers were not so intent upon upholding the religious tenets of their faith, Rahul Rajput would have been alive today.

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