Keeping the safety of cricketers aside, ICC has decided to host Champions trophy 2025 in Pakistan.

Pakistan is often called as Terroristan because of the terrorist it produces intentionally to break the law ,order and peace in the world. But it’s strange to know that ICC (International Cricket Council) has decided to host it’s important event in a country which presently lies in the bracket of FATF grey list.

ICC (International Cricket Council) has decided to keep the safety of cricketers aside and decided to host ICC Champions trophy 2025 in Pakistan. Pakistan in 2021 has again launched itself within the bracket of FATF grey list .According to the FATF, when it places a jurisdiction under increased monitoring, it means the country has committed to resolve swiftly the identified strategic deficiencies within agreed timeframes. Although no legal consequences follow grey listing, it is understood that the country’s access to international loans gets restricted. In few months, many stories have come out where the cricketers have openly said that Pakistan is not a safe place to stay and play cricket. Recently the team of New Zealand and England cancelled their tour and matches that was going to be played against Pakistan cricket team in the venue of Pakistan.

While organisations like World bank and IMF aren’t funding Pakistan due to their grey status in FATF, they have decided to fund terrorism directly.

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