The Kerala High Court on 18.12.2020, adjured the Leftist government headed by Pinarayi Vijayan to return the five crore rupees illegally transferred from Guruvayurappan temple’s fixed deposits to Chief Mininster’s relief fund. The Guruvayur Devaswam Board headed by a communist, KB Mohandas, illegally gifted away on 05.05.2020, the Guruvayurappan Temple’s fund to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund by claiming that it was Devaswam Board’s contribution for social responsibility. Curiously enough this tendency of the leftist government to divert money of  Hindu religious institutions for non-religious purposes did not extend to religious institutions run by Muslims or Christians.

The Kerala BJP President, K Surendran, had strongly criticised the patently untenable action of the leftist Kerala government saying there were many temples in Kerala without sufficient funds to even light lamps, the money should have been used to support those poor temples rather than used for non-religious purposes. He further asked the government why does it not demand funds from religious institutions of other faiths like Christianity and Islam.

The Hindu Seva Kendram and other Hindu organisations filed a petition challenging the flagrantly illegal action of the government to divert Temple Treasury Fund at a time when the temple was suffering a significant drop in revenue. The High Court asked the government to return the temple funds diverted by it to the Temple Treasury. The Hindu Seva Kendram, through its lawyers Advocates Krishnaraj and Vishwanath, is fighting many battles against the communist Kerala government in the Kerala High Court for illegally leasing temple land for cultivation and brazenly converting temple ponds (Kalyani) for fish farming.

The Hindu Religious & Charitable Establishments (HR&CE) Department of the Tamil Nadu Government had similarly issued a controversial order on 22.04.2020 directing Hindu temples to transfer Rs.10 crores to the Chief Minister’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. This brazenly illegal order of the Tamil Nadu government was challenged by The Temple Worshipper’s Society, headed by well-known activist Shri TR Ramesh, at the Madras High Court through a Public Interest Litigation. The High Court during the hearing of the case, made an observation that the action of the Tamil Nadu government was untenable and not sustainable in law. Whereby the Tamil Nadu Government already under severe criticism and protests by devout Hindus and Hindu organisations withdrew the despicable order demanding diversion of funds only from Hindu Temples.

It is quite surprising that a communist government in Kerala which is averse to Hinduism wants to sit over all the Hindu Temple Boards and lord over it. Hindu temples are treated by the atheists and ‘rationalist’ Hindus sitting in government as milch cows to divert and even siphon off the funds and priceless treasure of gold, silver, diamonds and various precious stones held by many ancient temples for the past several centuries. There is a strong movement among Hindus in India to reclaim their glorious past of which these ancient temples form a central pivot. So, the day is not very far away when the politicians of all hue are forced to restore the temples to its traditional devotees.    

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