Khalistanis as aided and conspired by Pakistan after running riot in the national capital, Delhi on the Republic Day are now attacking nationalist Indians in the US also under the garb of protest against new Farm Laws.

It is shocking that the US, a champion of free speech and expression under Vice President Kamala Harris a champion of the radical left is allowing gross intimidation and attack on eminent cardiologist Dr Ramesh Japra by Khalistanis just posting a Facebook post in support of the new Farm laws enacted by the Modi government bringing in much needed reforms in agriculture sector unshackling farmers from the extortionist commission guzzling APMC regime.

On 20th February, as reported by the Organiser dated 23.02.2021, Dr Romesh Japra had on Facebook asked his followers to join a car rally in support of the new Farm laws. He wrote, ” Being a farmer’s son, looking forward to joining Car Rally to support real working Farmers rather than opportunistic Separatists, corrupt broker Arthees, terrorists and hate mongering Politicians! Join one and all!!”


This single Facebook post of Dr Japra was enough for the Fascist Khalistani- Leftist-Jihadi nexus to launch an online hate campaign against him on the social media which culminated in attacking and intimidating Dr. Japra at his home. Khalistani goons in cars and open jeeps with Loudspeakers chanted slogans against him and completely sieged his home in California.

Rishi Bagree, a noted netizen, posted the appalling video of the Khalistani goons attacking Dr Japra’s house which is given below.

This incident has raised the concerns of safety of nationalist Indians in the US and quite disquieting for Indians living there as someone as eminent as Dr. Japra’s voice is being allowed by the US administration to be silenced with impunity by Khalistanis who seek secession of Punjab from India and have killed thousands of Hindus in Punjab.

The US Vice President Kamala Harris is well known for her support to jihadi terrorists of Kashmir and her interference in India’s internal affairs by trying to get Modi government to reinstate the highly discriminatory, invidious and secessionism inciting Article 370 of the Constitution Of India.

Also Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris has been openly spreading hatred and lies against Hindus and the Modi government by stating on social media platforms that Muslims are attacked by Hindus in India and the Modi government is out to commit genocide of farmers in India.

This incident of silencing a reputed cardiologist for taking a stand against the Khalistani-Naxal-Jihadi mafia trying to defame the Indian government under the garb of fake Farmers’ protest against the new Farm laws enacted for the benefit of farmers and boosting agricultural trade and produce of India, smacks of state sponsored attack on nationalist Indians who are proud of their Hindu heritage given the jaundiced Hinduphobic and anti-India views of Meena Harris close to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris, who lectures India on imagined suppression of minorities in India, lets her niece spread vile hatred against Hindus and Modi government in the name of freedom of expression and allows attack on Dr. Japra, a proud nationalist Indian by Khalistanis who believe in achieving secessionism by terror and anarchy.

California has become a hot bed of left radicals, violent Antifa in collaboration with Nation of Islam and Jihadi Muslim immigrants wanting to overthrow democracy in America. Complete lawless violent protests in California has now forced many companies and industries including Tesla to move out to Texas. The attack on Dr Japra by Khalistanis is forcing many professional experts in the field of medicine, banking, software etc to shift their base to a much grounded Texas away from anarchist dominated California.

No wonder the Deep State, with Big Tech, Pharma companies and the arms manufacture lobby of the US along with the rabid leftists and jihadis worked to see the back of Donald Trump by hook or crook.


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