Kerala today evokes a communist, jihadi and Christian missionary mafia’s anti-Hindu propaganda, but devout Hindus all over the world need to be grateful to the decisive and foundational contribution by made by KK Nair, one of Kerala’s most illustrious son and unsung hero for reclaiming the Ramjanmabhoomi Land from the usurper Babari Masjid erected on the holy site by demolishing a pre-existing temple at Ayodhya.

KK Nair or Kadangalathil Karunakaran Nair, a Keralite and ICS officer was a pioneer who formed the foundation of the Ramjanmabhoomi Ayodhya movement right after independence. He played a decisive role in asserting the fundamental right to worship of Hindus even before the Constitution Of India came into existence.

KK Nair, was born on September 11, 1907 at Kuttanad, a small village in Alappuzha, Kerala. KK Nair after completing his education in Kerala, went to England for higher studies and cleared his Indian Civil Service exams at the age of 21. He was posted as Civil Servant in Uttar Pradesh in 1945 and was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate of Faizabad on June 1, 1949.

KK Nair, as the District Magistrate on direction from the State Government, he deputed his assistant Guru Datt Singh to gather facts from the ground about the Ramjanmabhoomi matter in Ayodhya. Guru Datt Singh in his report submitted to KK Nair, unequivocally recommended the site to be handed over to the Hindu devotees and construction of a grand temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi site where the Babri Masjid stood.

Despite this ground report, on 22nd December, 1949, the then Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Govind Vallabh Pant, at the behest of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, made a jihadi Ghazi firman of ousting the Hindus from the tiny Ram Lalla temple at the blighted Babari Masjid.

But the righteous, bold and courageous DM, KK Nair refused to implement the illegal order of GB Pant and pointed out the fact that the real stakeholders, i.e. the Hindus were performing Poojas there daily and the move would lead to riots and bloodshed.

Due to KK Nair’s steadfastness to refuse to cave in to illegal demands, Congress Chief Minister Govind Vallabh Pant suspended KK Nair from service. KK Nair, challenged his illegal suspension in courts which quashed the suspension order. He rejoined service as IAS officer only to resign shortly as Nehru marked him out and troubled him in other ways for staying his ground.

So, KK Nair gave up a well paying and most prestigious job in India, to stand by his principles and not give in to illegal Muslim appeasement demands of Nehru, robbing Hindus their fundamental right to worship at the place believed by Hindus to be the Janmasthan of Bhagwan Ram.

KK Nair started practising after his resignation as a lawyer at Allahabad High Court. He was fondly called by people in and around Faizabad as “Nair Saab” as they greatly respected him for resisting the all powerful Nehru’s Ghazi Firman of depriving Hindus their right to worship Ram Lalla at the Ramjanmabhoomi.

KK Nair and his family joined the Jan Sangh in his fight for rescuing Ram Lalla’s Temple from the blighted Islamic structure. In 1952, his wife Shakuntala Nair contested the UP Assembly elections as Jan Sangh’s candidate and won it. In 1962, both KK Nair and his wife became Member Of Parliament from Bahraich and Kaiserganj constituencies respectively. Notably, their driver was also elected as MLA in Uttar Pradesh Assembly from Faizabad assembly constituency. Nair and his wife were harassed and jailed by Indira Gandhi for protesting against the Fascist Emergency imposed by her.

KK Nair remained a committed member of the Jan Sangh till his death on 7th September 1977. It is to be seen whether Indira Gandhi’s harassment and illegal imprisonment of KK Nair hastened his death in 1977.

KK Nair was a colossal venerated figure in Uttar Pradesh, but unfortunately due to the poisonous culture of anti-Hinduism spread by the communists in Kerala, he did not receive due recognition in his place of birth, Kerala.

As Hindus have started to put up resistance in Kerala now, recently a group of nationalists in Kerala have embarked upon building a memorial for KK Nair in his village under the aegis of KK Nair Charitable Trust. The memorial is being constructed in the land donated by Vishwa Hindu Parishad for the purpose. The charitable trust named after him also offers coaching assistance and scholarship for civil service aspirants for the needy deserving candidates. What better ideal to follow for these civil service aspirants than the indomitable and upright KK Nair?

Pranams to this great son of Ma Bharati and great devotee of Bhagwan Ram who chose to stand for Dharma by renouncing the most sought after job in India even today.

Jai Shri Ram!

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