Lachit Borphukan, the courageous Ahom Army General, was born on 24th November 1622. He was the son of Momai Tamuli Borbarua who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Ahom army under Prataap Singha.

Lachit received military training from an early age and besides military skills, he was also trained in scriptures and humanities. Lachit went on to become the¬†Superintendent of the Royal Guards and finally ‘Borphukan’, a coveted position in the Ahom kingdom. In 1667, Lachit Borphukan was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of Ahom kingdom.

The city of Guwahati had been lost to Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1663. Lachit Borphukan recaptured it in 1667 and recaptured all the areas that were lost to Mughals. He defeated the Mughal army 17 times despite having limited resources.

The Battle of Saraighat was a naval battle fought in 1671 on the  Brahmaputra River at Saraighat, in Assam. It was fought between the Mughal Empire, led by Raja Ramsingh I, and the Ahoms, led by Lachit Borphukan. The Ahom Army defeated the Mughal Army by using clever tactics, intelligence and by exploiting the weaknesses of the Mughal army. Despite his illness, he motivated his men to fight the Mughals and led the Ahom army to victory.

The Battle of Saraighat was the last battle in the last major attempt by the Mughals to extend their empire into Assam.

Lachit Borphukan died about a year after the victory at Saraighat due to illness.

On 24 November each year Lachit Divas is celebrated in Assam to commemorate the heroism of Lachit Borphukan and his victory at the Battle of Saraighat.

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