India is not new to land Jihad, we have been the victim of all kinds of Jihad but who cares lets all shut up and be secular.
Secularism is a bloody scam PERIOD

Video shown here is shot by a local resident from M.Turkapally (or Mannevari Turkapalle) a village in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana state. Here, it is very clearly seen that our “Brothers” from Muslim community have clearly made an attempt to please the god they believe in by illegally taking possession of Lingu and Mantapa which was already erected from god knows how long.

So this is how it is done, they put Pakistan flag color curtain with shining silver boarders on whatever they see which lies unattended especially Hindu monuments because that’s the most neglected and unattended place. Gradually what lies beneath the curtain will vanish and just the curtain remains making it look like a secular place which no one in India will dare to remove because we are “Secular Nation”

Once this project of converting Hindu monuments into secular place is completed there are two things that happens, Hindus just lost a monument and Muslim’s got a place to hang their speakers to tell you that their is only one god allah at 4:30 AM daily.


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