Nation with NaMo - TMC MLA Mahua Moitra assault lady constable at Silchar  Airport | Facebook

I saw these tweets from the very well-mannered, classy Mahua Moitra (who showed middle minger on national TV ) about an out on bail 84-year-old crime accused of dying of natural causes.

  1. When 85 year old Shobha Majumdar was beaten up mercilessly by TMC goons and later died.
BJP worker Gopal Majumdar and his mother.

2. When head of NHRC Minority Commission was attacked while visiting houses of BJP workers who were attacked.

When a 60 year old woman was gang raped in front of her grandson

When BJP members were beaten with stick and bamboo.

Here is a list :

Carry on Miss Ingoramous , we are watching .

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